What to Ask for in a Car Accident Settlement

What to Ask for in a Car Accident Settlement

When you’ve been involved in a car accident and have suffered due to the other driver’s negligence, the law is on your side. In these cases, you have the right to file a claim for compensation for what you’ve been through. But if you’re preparing to begin these proceedings, you’re likely wondering what to ask for in a car accident settlement.

The attorneys at Denena Points, PC understand that, for may victims, the benefits they receive in their settlement will make or break their recovery process. To ensure that you receive compensation for all of your damages, we’ve highlighted some of the types of compensation you should seek when filing your claim.

Medical Care Coverage

If you suffered injuries in your collision, medical care is easily one of the most important parts of what to ask for in your car accident settlement. Between hospital bills, medication, rehabilitation programs, and travel costs, the expenses associated with this part of your recovery can quickly add up.

Seeking comprehensive coverage in your settlement will help ensure that you won’t bear the burden of these expenses.

Property Damage Compensation

Similarly, if the accident brought on significant property damage, you have the right to seek compensation for these costs in your claim. This will help ensure that you are not held responsible for any expenses associated with fixing your vehicle.

If your vehicle is wrecked beyond repair, our car accident attorneys will work to have you compensated for the cost of the vehicle so you can purchase a new one.

Lost Income

Unfortunately, some car accidents have long-term effects. If you are left unable to work as a result of your collision, your lawyer will make loss of earning capacity part of what you ask for in your car accident settlement. This will allow you to continue providing for both yourself and your family even though you are unable to work.

Pain and Suffering

Although pain and suffering is hard to measure, a qualified car accident lawyer can help you assign a monetary value to it and include it in your claim for compensation. This damage refers to anything from physical pain brought on by the crash to emotional distress as a result of the collision.

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