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Houston Multiple-Vehicle Accident Lawyer

When multiple cars are involved in a crash, it can be hard to know who was at fault. Make sure you name everyone responsible in your claim by working with a Houston multiple-vehicle accident lawyer.

A car accident can happen at any point, but it’s made worse when multiple cars are involved. While you should be able to count on the insurance company to cover your costs, they won’t put in the due diligence needed to determine fault and what your claim is truly worth.

In this difficult situation, it’s wise for you to have someone on your side who understands the intricacies of this type of accident and can deal with the insurance companies on your behalf. A Houston multiple-vehicle accident lawyer from Denena Points, PC is that person.

Figuring Out Fault and Negligence with Multiple Drivers

When multiple drivers are involved in an accident, things can become complicated very quickly. The first thing step in getting compensated is determining who is at fault and to what degree.

As you can guess, there may be multiple parties at fault—including you—which can make figuring out everything even more complicated. Our firm will conduct an investigation on your behalf to determine cause, fault, and the appropriate level of negligence for each party involved.

Modified Comparative Negligence in Texas

In the state of Texas, it is possible to receive compensation for an accident even if you were somewhat responsible. In a multiple-vehicle accident, it’s likely that you may have had some part of the blame. That’s where modified comparative negligence comes in.

Modified comparative negligence means that everyone involved in the crash will have a percentage of the fault assigned to him or her based on the actions the person took. For example, if there were three drivers involved in your accident, each will receive a percentage of negligence. Based on the evidence, a jury may find that one driver is 50 percent responsible for the accident, leaving you and the other driver possibly at 25 percent responsibility each.

In this example, you’d be able to collect damages for the accident. However, your potential compensation will be reduced by your percentage of the fault, making it necessary to work with an attorney who can limit your liability.

Determining the Value of Your Claim

Most people understand that a car accident claim will include coverage for medical bills and lost or damaged property. However, there are other damages you may receive compensation for, such as the following:

  • Lost Income – Any income or earning potential you’re missing out on due to injury
  • Loss of Consortium – Compensation for lost companionship and damage done to your personal relationships by your injuries
  • Emotional Distress – Compensation deemed appropriate by you and your attorney to help you get over the stress of the accident
  • Rehabilitation – Physical therapy, as deemed medically necessary to recover from your injuries

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The details of a multiple-vehicle accident are tough to handle, especially when you don’t have legal experience. When you hire a Houston multiple-vehicle accident lawyer from Denena Points, PC, you’ll be one step closer to getting the compensation you deserve.

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