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Personal injuries come in many forms and from many causes, but they are all unpleasant. The financial burden they may put you under can sometimes feel insurmountable, and the mere thought of using the court system to get fair compensation may seem terrifying.

For the sake of your family’s financial future and health, you have to take that step, but you do not have to do it alone. You can retain the services of an experienced Houston injury lawyer from Denena Points, PC.

Texas Statute of Limitations

You will need to act quickly, however, as there is a two-year statute of limitations on personal injury claims in the state of Texas. This means that if you fail to file in time, you may later find yourself in need of expensive medical equipment or modifications to your vehicle or home—and you may be stuck paying for it yourself.

A  lawyer from our determined legal team will use every possible strategy to acquire the compensation necessary for both your recovery and your future medical needs.

Causes of Personal Injuries

Your injuries could be caused by just about anything or anyone. Depending on what happened, there could be many individuals or organizations involved. There may be a distracted driver, an unsecured construction site, and a vehicle malfunction all in one accident.

Detailed below are just a few of the possible forms personal injury cases can take:

  • Motor vehicle accidents can be caused by distracted or drunk drivers, exhausted commercial drivers, defective auto parts, or a combination of multiple factors and with several responsible parties.
  • Maritime accidents can be caused by helmsman error, equipment failure, improper or infrequent maintenance, or any combination of those factors.
  • Construction accidents are usually the result of unsafe work regulations or conditions, not following OSHA guidelines, improper or infrequent equipment maintenance, or the negligent actions of other workers.
  • Defective products can come in the form of contaminated foods, household appliances starting fires, vehicle brake failure, gas grill explosions, and more.
  • Premises liability includes slip-and-falls, objects falling on you, and improper property upkeep, some of which may involve carnivals or amusement parks.
  • Dog bites are a frequently seen source of personal injury cases.

In many circumstances, it can be difficult simply identifying what the cause is and who is responsible for what happened. A tenacious Houston personal injury lawyer from our firm will thoroughly investigate the cause of your accident to determine who the responsible party is.

Going to Court vs. Getting a Settlement

Many times you might be willing to settle out of court through negotiations but justifiably concerned that the responsible party will not deal fairly with you. While many cases do settle out of court, it is sometimes necessary to file a lawsuit simply to force them to negotiate in good faith.

Even if you do file suit, you still have the option to settle before the court date. However, if going to trial becomes your best option, your injury lawyer will represent you until we get a verdict.

Types and Consequences

The most serious personal injuries tend to involve the brain, neck, and back, but large area burns, severely broken limbs, and amputations most certainly qualify as serious injuries, as well. The loss of mobility, ability to work, and enjoyment of life are the major common denominators among these injuries. They can all have consequences that reach far into your future and will possibly be with you for the rest of your life.

These traumas can result in devastating outcomes:

These are only a few examples out of hundreds of possibilities. No matter what happened and how extensive the consequences may be, a Houston personal injury lawyer from our office will investigate, document, and quantify everything for you.

What Can Be Compensated?

The costs of a personal injury accident are often extensive and can leave you financially exhausted. Your immediate expenses may be apparent, but the long-term expenses are not always easy to foresee. If you do not receive the proper compensation in your settlement, you may later find that it was not nearly enough to cover your future accident-related expenses.

The guilty party is required to compensate you to the full amount that will make you whole, and your Houston personal injury lawyer will make sure that they do.

  • Long-term medical costs such as medications, physical rehabilitation, and medical equipment
  • Immediate medical costs such as ambulance rides, life flights, medical procedures, medications, hospital visits, and hospital stays
  • Modifications to make your vehicle and home accessible to any new mobility difficulties
  • Immediate income loss caused by your accident and recuperation
  • Long-term income loss due to your diminished ability to work certain hours or long periods of time and lessened ability to perform your job duties
  • Pain and suffering endured through immediate injuries and continued distress
  • Emotional trauma experienced due to the injury
  • Punitive damages if the negligence that caused your injury was egregious

No matter the extent of your suffering and loss, your Houston personal injury lawyer will identify all of the ways that your injury has impacted your life.

Shared Fault in Texas

Your settlement could be reduced if the court finds that you are partially at fault for the accident that caused your injuries. This shared fault rule means that if you are 10 percent responsible for the accident and are awarded $100,000, you will actually receive 10 percent less ($90,000). This is an important factor that a knowledgeable Houston personal injury attorney can help you prevent.

Houston Personal Injury FAQ

Answered below are a few of the questions most commonly asked by our clients. If you would like more detailed information or have additional questions, please call our office to speak with a personal injury lawyer from Houston.

What can I do if my injury wasn’t diagnosed until several years after my accident?

As long as the delay in discovering your injury was for a justifiable reason, the statute of limitations actually begins on the date your injury was discovered. This means that in Texas, your two-year time limit began when you were diagnosed—not the day of your accident.

Can the damage my injury has done to my marriage be included in my personal injury lawsuit?

Yes. Damage done to your personal relationships is called loss of consortium. If the link between the damage done to your marriage and the injury can be convincingly demonstrated, you could receive compensation for it.

Can I sue for emotional trauma?

Yes. As long as your emotional disorder is properly diagnosed by a doctor and we can clearly show how your trauma was caused by your accident, you can file a personal injury lawsuit for emotional distress.

Work with a Capable Houston Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have been injured in an accident that was not your fault, you have the right to be compensated for your expenses and damages. You only have two years before the statute of limitations is up and you miss your window for justice.

You deserve to have peace of mind during and after your accident. Please call a helpful injury lawyer from Denena Points, PC for a free consultation as soon as you are able. Contact us by calling 713-807-9500 or filling out the form at the bottom of this page.