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Walking through your town, whether on your way to work, school, or the park, you might be at greater risk for being in a pedestrian accident than you think. Between 2003 and 2012, there were 47,025 deaths and 676,000 injuries involving pedestrians on US streets. Over 12 percent of all traffic-related deaths were pedestrians hit by cars, and this number has been increasing over the last decade.

As our population and cities have grown, our transportation system has evolved around increased automobile usage. These auto-centric cities have the most pedestrian accidents, with Houston ranking seventh in Smart Growth America’s pedestrian danger index. After you are injured, a Houston pedestrian accident lawyer from Denena Points, PC can assist you in making sense of the confusing legal system and pursuing the compensation you are owed by the at-fault party.

Fast Roads Are Dangerous Roads for Pedestrians

In urban areas, heavier traffic and faster speeds are what make certain roads dangerous to pedestrians, as they are designed as speedy main thoroughfares for automobiles. Housing and businesses are steadily growing up around these dangerous roads, increasing the number of pedestrians without anything being done to adjust the flow of traffic.

Even rural areas are not free of danger, as they made up 27 percent of pedestrian deaths. This is mostly due to roads with high speed limits and no shoulders. These roads are primarily designed to move traffic long distances between populated cities, with little concern given to pedestrians who may be walking along them.

In both urban and rural areas, a lack of sidewalks and crosswalks can be a huge factor in increased pedestrian accidents. With the help of a Houston pedestrian accident lawyer, in addition to financial compensation, your case may convince local government to install proper sidewalks, crosswalks, and shoulders, possibly saving lives.

Vehicle Speed Affects Possibility of Wrongful Death for Pedestrians

Speed is also a huge factor in the likelihood of death when a pedestrian is struck. At twenty miles per hour a pedestrian has approximately a 6 percent chance to die, 18 percent at thirty miles per hour, 65 percent at forty-five miles per hour, and 75 percent at fifty miles per hour with a 90 percent chance of injury.

Who Gets “Hit” Worst

Pedestrian accidents disproportionately affect minorities, children, and the elderly. African Americans have a 60 percent higher fatality rate than non-Hispanic whites, while Hispanics have a 43 percent higher rate. These discrepancies are partially due to the higher percentage of minorities that walk to work every day.

Pedestrian fatality rates among children are much lower than three decades ago, but it is still the number one killer among people younger than fifteen. Between 2003 and 2010, 4,394 child pedestrians were killed.

The elderly may not walk to work as often as they used to, but they still get out of the house for exercise—which is when they are most often injured or killed. If you have a loved one, young or old, that has been injured or killed in a pedestrian accident, contact a Houston pedestrian accident lawyer from our office to seek compensation from those responsible.

Who Is to Blame?

There are many factors involved in pedestrian accidents. It could be that the city government might not have appropriate sidewalks or hasn’t filled in potholes. You could be clipped by a drunk or speeding driver or be the victim of some other form of negligence.

With the help of a Houston pedestrian accident lawyer from Denena Points, PC, you can find out who’s to blame and hold them accountable.

What Can You Sue For?

Being hit by a car will hurt you physically, economically, socially, and emotionally. You don’t have to go into massive debt when someone else was responsible; instead, seek representation immediately and explore your options for compensation. You can recoup losses due to medical expenses, lost income and wages, emotional and physical therapy, and the pain and suffering you experience during this difficult time.

Free Consultation with Houston Accident Lawyers

As more and more people take to walking to work and school, we will see more and more pedestrian accidents. Whether you break a leg in a pedestrian accident or experience something far worse, such as a spinal injury or head trauma, you need professionals to help you stop those at fault from walking away without compensating you. You don’t want to face the legal system alone, so let a Houston pedestrian accident lawyer help you through the process.

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