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Houston Personal Injury Case Results

DISCLAIMER: The results are specific to the facts and legal circumstances of each of the clients’ cases and should not be used to form an expectation that the same results could be obtained for other clients in similar matters without reference to the specific factual and legal circumstances of each client’s case.

Past case results are important. While they cannot guarantee a similar result in your Texas accident case, they can provide you with important information about the aggressive, efficient, and empathetic representation provided by the Houston injury lawyers of Denena Points. We encourage you to read through a sampling of our past case results to get an idea of how we help our clients.

Truck Wrecks

Motorcycle Crashes

Awarded: $200,000.00; Attorneys’ Fees – $66,666,67; Case Expenses – $1,386.23

Awarded: $100,000.00; Attorneys’ Fees – $40,000.00; Case Expenses – $2,103.15

Awarded: Confidential Settlement

Maritime Accidents

Awarded: Confidential Settlement

Awarded: The defendant demanded a confidential settlement.

Awarded: Mediation was not successful. Chad Points then deposed the Defendant’s corporate representative. The case then settled with the Defendant insisting on confidentiality of the settlement.

Awarded: Gross Recovery – $3,500,000; Attorneys’ Fees – $1,166,666; Case Expenses – $42,686.60

Amusement Park Injuries

Awarded: Gross Recovery – $2,700,000.00; Attorneys’ Fees and Expenses – $1,167,405.34

Awarded: Gross Recovery – $1,251,500; Attorneys’ Fees – $417,166; Case Expenses – $26,696.06, Liens and Subrogation – $52,378.15

Balcony Collapses

Defective, Unsafe Autos

Awarded: Confidential Settlement

Awarded: Confidential Settlement

Awarded: Confidential Settlement

Car Wrecks

    • $105,560.00 Settlement for Sugar Land Intersection Collision Caught on Police Dashboard Camera.  Client suffered a dislocated shoulder requiring surgery.

Awarded: $105,560.00; Attorney’s Fees – $35,186.00; Expenses – $2,500.00

    •  $167,000.00 Settlement for 3 Children after the Seas Part Collision in Montgomery County suffering abdominal traum requiring emergency surgery, and multiple lacerations requiring stitches.

Awarded: $167,000.00; Attorney’s Fees – $55,666; Expenses – $ 2,066.00

    •  $160,000 Recovery for Woman Who Lost Hearing in Left Ear After Airbag Deployed in Side Impact Collision

Awarded: $160,000.00; Attorney’s Fees – $64,000.00; Expenses – $2,000.00

    •  $150,000 Policy Limits Settlement After Mother and Daughter injured in Head-on Collision suffering multiple life-threatening abdominal and head injuries requiring multiple surgeries and months of rehabilitation.

Awarded: $150,000.00; Attorney’s Fees – $50,000.00; Case Expenses – $700.00

    •  Montgomery County Car Wreck – Insurance Companies PAY Full Policy Limits suffering multiple life-threatening abdominal and head injuries requiring multiple surgeries and months of rehabilitation.

Awarded: Awarded: $50,000.00; Attorneys’ Fees – 16,666.67; Expenses – $690.17

  •  Plaintiff claimed negligent lane change caused collision


Awarded: The Full policy limits of all available insurance policies were paid to the Denena Points clients.