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$167,000 Settlement for T-Bone Collision Victims

DISCLAIMER: Please note that every case is different and these verdicts and settlements, while accurate, do not represent what we may obtain for you in your case.

In an all too common situation, a group of teenagers and younger children were injured when the vehicle in which they were riding struck the passenger side of a vehicle passing in front of them during rush-hour traffic.  It is a very common scenario.  During rush hour, near traffic signals, traffic will create space for vehicle coming in the opposite direction to turn into a private driveway, shopping center, or side street.  All too often this happens on very busy, large roads such as FM 1960, Highway 105, or FM 249 in Montgomery County.  The problem is, the traffic in the far right lane usually cannot see the turning vehicle until it is too late.

That is what happened recently to a Montgomery County group of siblings when they were riding with a friend who was in the far right lane of Highway 105 in Conroe near April Sound.  The driver was in the far right lane, which happened to be a right turn only lane, and was proceeding west at about 30 mph.  The other westbound traffic was stopped due to a traffic signal up ahead.  The “seas parted” so to speak for a vehicle traveling eastbound on 105, turning left into April Sound.  At precisely the moment that the teenagers were passing in front of the April Sound entrance, the turning vehicle entered their lane, causing a severe collision.

All three siblings suffered varying degrees of injuries.  After months of investigation, medical treatment, and case prosecution, the Board Certified Personal Injury attorneys at Denena Points were able to negotiate a great settlement for the family.

Awarded: $167,000.00; Attorney’s Fees – $55,666; Expenses – $ 2,066.00