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How to Obtain the Best Settlement Offer Possible

To know whether your accident claim settlement offer from the insurance company is fair, our Houston accident claim lawyers would need to know the specifics of your accident and injuries. In order to be fair, your insurance settlement offer would need to cover:

  • Your incurred medical expenses,
  • The costs of your future medical care requirements due to the accident injuries,
  • The value of your pain and suffering,
  • Lost wages,
  • Any reduced earnings capacity from disabilities incurred from the collision,
  • The value of any disfigurements from the accident,
  • Property damage to your vehicle from the wreck, and
  • Other costs and losses associated with the accident.

Unless you possess a wealth of prior experience with insurance settlement offers for accident claims, you probably can’t determine on your own whether the offer is fair. Insurance companies count on that. You generally should not try to deal with the insurance companies on your own. These companies have had decades of experience learning how to intimidate claimants and devalue their claims. There are a number of tricks they can use against unwary and inexperienced claimants who don’t have the benefit of a Houston accident claim lawyer to protect their interests. Some of the insurance company tactics you might face include these:

  • The insurance companies might try to convince you that you don’t have a successful case, and ask you to sign a release of your rights in the matter.
  • Insurance company employees might act friendly and sympathetic and ask you to describe your accident in detail for them. Then, having recorded your statements, they’ll later use them against you to indicate that you’re the one at fault for your injuries.
  • The insurance companies might offer you a quick cash settlement for your accident claim that in fact only represents a faction of the true value of your claim. But once you’ve accepted the insurance settlement offer and released your rights, you can’t sue for any additional financial compensation.

At Denena Points, we’ve dealt with all of the major insurance companies over the years on behalf of our clients. Our Houston accident claim lawyers have seen all kinds of accidents and all kinds of insurance settlement offers. And our knowledge and legal expertise could guide you regarding whether the insurance company offer represents the full value of your injuries or whether it’s just an attempt to cheat you out of your rights. Contact our Houston accident claim lawyers for a free and confidential legal consultation regarding your accident injuries. We’re here to help, and we could answer your most pressing questions following your traumatic accident.