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Subrogation Saves Family from Mounting Medical Bills

DISCLAIMER: Please note that every case is different and these verdicts and settlements, while accurate, do not represent what we may obtain for you in your case.

On their way home from visiting family in East Texas, a mother and her 16 year-old daughter were seriously injured when an SUV coming in the oppposite direction suddenly veered into their lane on a rural 2-lane Texas highway.  With no time to react, the 16 year-old could do nothing but brace for the impact.  Lying in the rubble, the mother and daughter talked to each other while emergency personnel attempted to extricate them with the jaws of life from the mangled remains of their vehicle.  Suffering massive orthopedic injuries, the two women miraculously escaped without permament head trauma or other neurological injuries.

When the family came to Tony Denena at Denena Points, they had mounting medical expenses that greatly exceeded the policy limits of the available insurance, which were $150,000.  Tony Denena was able to successfully negotiate the health insurer’s subrogation interest from $300,000 down to $40,000 so the clients were able to recover a substantial amount for their pain.

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Awarded: $150,000.00; Attorney’s Fees – $50,000.00; Case Expenses – $700.00