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Accident Damages Explained

Damages from an accident are actually the monetary values assigned to your injuries, the damage to your car, and any other losses or expenses you might have from the accident, including such intangible things as pain and suffering. Read more about the different types of damages you might claim: your own personal injury damages, wrongful death damages in the case of the tragic death of a loved one, and/or survival damages where your family member suffered prior to dying from accident injuries.

For purposes of an accident injury claim, you will need to prove the actual existence of each claimed item of damages (such as the specific injuries to you and to your vehicle) as well as its accurate monetary value.

The actual value of your damages is often an issue hotly contested by the defendant and insurance companies in an accident case. You want to be sure that the value assigned to each claimed item of damages is accurate and believable. You don’t want the defendant to be able to convince a jury that you have greatly overvalued your damages. This undermines both your accident injury claim and your credibility.

To minimize the chances that your damages will be contested and struck from your claim, you need the help of a skilled Houston personal injury attorney with years of experience valuing and proving damages for cases like yours. At Denena Points, PC, both lawyers are Board certified in Personal Injury law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization and have more than 15 years of experience helping clients make successful damages claims for their accident injuries and losses.

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