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A serious on-the-job injury at sea or on the docks can change your life forever. One maritime injury might result in permanent disability, high healthcare costs, and a reduced ability to earn income, while another maritime injury could prove fatal and leave a grieving family without a breadwinner. Under federal law, those who caused your life-changing maritime accident are financially accountable for the harm you’ve suffered and the damages that you have incurred.

If you or a loved one has suffered a serious injury in a Texas marine accident, it is imperative that you find experienced and knowledgeable legal representation.

You may be affected by one or more maritime laws if you area:

  • Seaman
  • Commercial fishermen
  • Rig and or jack-up rig worker
  • Offshore platform worker
  • Merchant marine
  • Barge worker
  • Supply boat worker
  • Tanker worker
  • Freighter worker
  • Offshore oil worker
  • Dock workers
  • Harbor workers
  • Longshoremen

Our Maritime Attorneys Understand The Legal Complexities Faced By Injured Seamen, Dockworkers, And Other Marine Workers

Maritime and admiralty law cases can be difficult to understand and hard to prove. Many require the extensive experience and careful attention of a seasoned Houston maritime lawyer in order to successfully secure rightful compensation. There are many bodies of law governing the rights and remedies of injured maritime industry workers – while some apply specifically to those engaged in sea-based employment, others apply to those with land-based occupations. In cases where an American seaman is working on a foreign owned and flagged vessel, none of them may apply. All Houston maritime accident cases and Jones Act cases differ significantly from personal injury claims, workers’ compensation claims, and construction accident claims.

At Denena Points, we can assist you with the following types of claims, including others:

  • Maritime injuries
  • Fatal maritime accidents
  • Jones Act claims
  • Shore-based maritime injuries
  • Maintenance and cure claims
  • Lawsuits against negligent maritime employers or other crew members
  • Unseaworthy vessel claims
  • Offshore oil field Injuries, fixed platform, and offshore drilling rig injuries
  • Crane accidents
  • Dockside injuries
  • Injuries in service to a seagoing vessel
  • Maritime tool, lifting, or line injuries
  • Gangway injuries
  • Maritime spinal, neck, head, brain, burn and back injuries
  • Tanker, cargo ship, container vessel, dive boat, supply vessel, tugboat, barge, and cruise ship accidents
  • Workboat injuries
  • Inland marine injuries

You or the loved one you lost to a maritime accident might be covered by the Jones Act, the LHWCA, the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act, general maritime law, a U.S. state’s workers’ compensation act, the Death on the High Seas Act, or some other statute. Because these bodies of law also have differing rules about how long you have to file your claim, it is critical to speak to a Houston maritime lawyer as soon as possible and to ascertain which set of laws governs your claim.

The issue of choosing the proper laws under which to make your maritime injury compensation claim is a complicated one. Many claims have been denied because of the claimant’s wrong choice of law or jurisdiction. Claimants don’t often get a second chance to try again if they choose wrongly the first time. Since your rights and opportunities to recover monetary compensation under the Jones Act and other maritime laws could be much more multifaceted than other types of cases, it is key that you choose experienced and concerned maritime injury attorneys like Chad Points and Tony Denena to handle your claims.

Dangerous Off-Shore Jobs Mean Serious Injuries And High Fatality Rates

Many marine workers, oil rig workers, and seamen are working in dangerous, high-risk environments and are involved in highly physical and demanding daily tasks. It comes as no surprise that a significant number of workers are injured each year in offshore and dock accidents. Some of these serious injuries include fall injuries, traumatic brain injuries, back and spine injuries, bone fractures, lost limbs, torn ligaments, lacerations, crushing incidents and drowning incidents.

How do these accidents occur? Common accidents at sea or on the docks often involve slips, falls, lifting accidents, pushing accidents, collisions, fires and explosions, falling overboard, and boarding accidents. Some injuries are the result of unseaworthy vessels while others are caused by different types of negligence.

Gulf Coast Maritime Accidents: Free Case Evaluations

At Denena Points, PC, we understand the central importance of your injury case to your life and future. When you have a question or concern about your maritime injury case, we will be available to help you. We will work aggressively to achieve the case result that’s best for you. And we won’t press you to accept an easy settlement if trial is your better option.

Houston maritime lawyers Tony Denena and Chad Points are Board Certified in personal injury trial law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, and as experienced Houston maritime lawyers, we have the resources and experiences to pursue your case through the courts system to seek a full financial recovery for your injuries and losses. We never charge attorney’s fees unless you win your case. Contact us today, toll free, at 877-307-9500, or use our convenient online contact form below to schedule a free legal consultation regarding your accident.