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Houston Car Accident Facial Injury Lawyer

Face and eye injuries suffered in an auto wreck can change your life forever, especially if they result in disfigurement or blindness. To find out if you can get compensated for what you’ve been through, consult a Houston car accident facial injury lawyer.

The injuries you sustain in a car accident can be devastating to both your professional and personal lives, but some injuries are far more visibly apparent and attention-grabbing than others. For example, wounds that leave some form of permanent disfigurement, especially on the face, can affect your personal interactions and lifestyle more than others, especially if they affect your vision or hearing.

If this is your situation and someone else caused your wreck, you need to speak with a Houston car accident facial injury lawyer from Denena Points, PC as soon as possible so that we can discuss your case and answer your questions.

Face and Eye Injuries from Auto Wrecks

Most facial injuries suffered in a car accident take the form of facial bone fractures, including occipital, nasal, and cheek bones, as well as broken jaws. These facial injuries often cause excruciating pain and can force you into a liquid diet with little ability to communicate.

Permanent disfigurement from lacerations and burns can cause tremendous harm to your personal and professional relations. The most serious facial injuries involve damage to your eyes, which can lead to blindness and bring about a complete change in how you enjoy entertainment, read, and live your life. These wounds are life-altering in a dramatic and enduring way.

Compensation for Facial Damage After a Collision

Aside from the property damage and other obvious expenses caused by a car crash, a facial injury can lead to deeper needs that need to be addressed. The intense emotional distress from disfigurements and facial scars can keep you from venturing out of your house, having terrible effects on your social and professional lives.

Facial injuries generally cost much more to treat, and the occupational costs can be great, as well. You can seek monetary compensation from all of the at-fault parties for any of the following that apply to your personal injury claim:

  • Immediate and long-term medical costs
  • Reconstructive and plastic surgeries
  • Immediate and future income loss
  • Home renovations and equipment made necessary by loss of vision or hearing
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Damage done to your marriage and personal relationships
  • Decreased quality of life

Texas and Comparative Fault

Regardless of the total value of your expenses, if you are shown to be partially at fault for the car crash, your compensation will be reduced accordingly. You will still be entitled to a settlement as long as someone else is at least 51 percent responsible for what happened, however.

Because your financial award will be reduced by any blame pushed onto you, your best option is to work with an experienced car accident lawyer who can mitigate your fault as much as possible. Our firm can help you build the strongest case possible, thereby also giving you the largest settlement available.

Consult a Houston Car Accident Face and Eye Injury Attorney

If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident and it has left you with damage to your face, hearing, or vision, you need to make sure that the other driver compensates you for his or her negligence. Discuss your case with a Houston car accident facial injury lawyer from Denena Points, PC so that we can help you determine how to proceed with filing your personal injury lawsuit.

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