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How to Receive Car Accident Compensation

The fact is, a Houston car accident claim can normally be resolved without the need to go to court and try your case to a jury. But if the insurance company denies your legitimate claim or refuses to offer you a fair amount of money for your claim you need to file your lawsuit. If you have to file a lawsuit, you need a Board Certified Houston Personal Injury Attorney to file that case. When a Houston car accident claim cannot be settled in a fair way you need to have a lawyer that is not afraid to file your lawsuit.

A car accident lawsuit is best filed by a Board Certified Houston Car Accident Attorney. Even in the early stages of your case, when you first call the insurance company to set up a claim, it is best to consult with a Houston car accident lawyer to help build your case. The more familiar your lawyer is with the facts and circumstances of your case from the very beginning, the better off you are in your quest to maximize the value of your case.

Expect Opposition to Your Accident Claim

Your accident claim likely will be hotly contested and meet fierce opposition. Negligent defendants don’t like to have to pay for the damage they’ve caused. There are several forms of opposition you’ll face in fighting for your compensation claim after being in an auto accident that was not your fault.

  1. Defendants that are deceptive and/or uncooperative. The defendants that caused your accident and injuries will often not want to take responsibility or be held accountable for their negligence. They will try to avoid having to pay you compensation for their misdeeds. They might refuse to exchange information with you at an accident scene. They might try to leave the scene before police arrive. They might lie about what happened and who caused the accident. They might hide, alter, remove, or destroy the evidence you need to prove your claims.
  2. Aggressive insurance adjusters. Their job is to save the insurance company money. So these insurance adjusters might try and convince you that your case is weak and that you should release your claim or accept a very low settlement. The insurance adjusters might offer you a quick cash settlement to release your rights to sue for more. That settlement will represent but a very small fraction of what your case is actually worth. The insurance adjusters might badger you for statements about your accident and what happened. They would record your statements and find ways to use them against you and your case. Almost any seemingly innocent statement, taken out of context, could be used to mean something different from what you meant.
  3. Crafty defense attorneys. Their job is to get the defendant off the hook. These defense attorneys might be employed directly by the defendant’s insurance company. The defense attorneys might have highly trained accident re-creation specialists to delve into the details of the accident. The defense attorneys’ team could use existing evidence and highly complex theories to re-create an accident in which you’re the one at fault for your injuries. Then you lose your case. You need an able Houston accident injury attorney that can combat opposition tactics with a clear presentation of the evidence that will convince a jury of the rightness of your claim. Tony Denena and Chad Points have been successfully combating aggressive and deceptive defense tactics for more than 12 years. We’re highly skilled claims negotiators and proven trial attorneys.
    As experienced Houston accident injury attorneys, we know what to expect from your opposition in a claim, and how to stand fast against overbearing defense tactics. We know how to staunchly advocate for your rights and hold guilty defendants accountable for the negligence that harmed you. Our clients and our case results speak for our accident claims success. Take a look, and then let us work for your success. Your initial case consultation is free.

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When your air conditioner or heater stops working, do you call a plumber to fix it? Of course not. Then why wouldn’t you hire a trial lawyer to handle your case? You never know if the insurance company will fairly settle your case. Hire a Board Certified Personal Injury Trial Lawyer for your case. When you are interviewing an attorney, and you should INTERVIEW your attorney, ask them questions like when was the last time they actually filed a lawsuit. Then ask, “When was the last time you actually tried a lawsuit?” Follow that question up with “What was the result of that lawsuit?”

When you’re ready, please feel free to call us or chat with us. You will speak with one of our attorneys, both of whom are Board Certified in Personal Injury Trial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.