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Houston Drowsy Driving Car Accident Lawyer

When someone causes a crash because he or she was driving fatigued, that person becomes responsible for any damages caused. Find out if you have a case for compensation by consulting a Houston drowsy driving car accident lawyer.

Millions of people drive while drowsy every day—and that only counts the people who are willing to admit to it in the polling. Driving fatigued is just as dangerous as driving drunk, according to many experts, and the number of accidents that involve sleepy drivers seems to support this.

Getting hit by one of these motorists can be just as likely to cause injuries or death as any other crash. If you have been hurt in a wreck and you suspect that fatigue was involved, you need to contact a Houston drowsy driving car accident lawyer from Denena Points, PC to discuss your case for compensation.

Drowsy Driving Is Negligent Driving

Naturally, those who spend a great deal of time traveling are at the most risk for drowsy driving. Whether driving for work or for vacation, traffic and conditions can leave someone both angry and exhausted. This encourages unsafe driving habits that put everyone else on the road at risk. Some may turn to stimulants, both legal and otherwise, but many will be near asleep at the wheel.

This cannot be blamed on circumstance, however. If a fatigued driver hit you, he or she made the choice to keep driving despite being exhausted. Making a choice like that is as much an act of negligence as deciding to drive drunk, and that person should be held financially accountable for your injuries and losses.

Insurance Battles and Shared Fault Rules in Texas

After a drowsy driving crash, you’ll be in need of financial compensation, but you’ll almost certainly have to take on an insurance company and their attorneys to get it. These entities will do everything they can to pay you as little as possible, forsaking your health, rehabilitation, and comfort for their bottom line.

In all likelihood, they’ll try to push some of the blame for the wreck onto you. They do this because the more fault you are found responsible for, the less they’ll have to pay you. Under Texas’ modified comparative fault statutes, the percentage of blame you were responsible for will reduce your settlement by that same amount.

For example, if you are found 10 percent at fault, your compensation would also be reduced by the same amount. This would make a $100,000 settlement only worth $90,000 in the end. The fatigued driver’s insurance company will try to lay as much blame on your shoulders as possible to minimize your compensation, but our firm will make sure they do as little harm as possible.

The Costs of Fatigued Driving

The massive costs and losses you suffer from a car accident will all fall upon you if you don’t fight for a fair and full settlement. We will collect, itemize, and evaluate all of your financial expenses and non-economic losses so that you can hold the at-fault parties accountable for them.

Your personal injury claim can seek financial damages for all of the following that apply to your drowsy driving auto wreck:

  • Long-term and immediate medical expenses
  • Future and immediate income loss
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of consortium, society, or companionship
  • Lost enjoyment of life
  • Property damages

Consult a Houston Fatigued Driving Car Accident Lawyer

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident, you have a right to seek compensation from the drowsy driver who hurt you. Contact a Houston drowsy driving car accident lawyer from Denena Points, PC as soon as possible. To get started, simply call us at 713-766-1163 or fill out the form below to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.