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Work with a car accident attorney to find out if you have grounds to file a claim against the at-fault party and to discover what your claim’s full value is.

After experiencing an injury because of a car crash where someone else was at fault, it’s important to get the compensation you deserve for your damages and losses. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be difficult to know if you have a case and how much money you should demand.

To make matters worse, your compensation is most likely going to come from an insurance company, and because their profits depend on settling claims as cheaply as possible, they aren’t going to be interested in helping you find answers to these questions.

This is where a lawyer from Denena Points, PC comes in. From head-on collisions to rollovers to rear-end accidents, we can help you get answers to your questions. What am I going to do now? Will I get paid? Who is at fault?

Finding Cause and Fault in an Auto Wreck

Before your claim can proceed, we’ll first need to fully investigate the accident so that all of the at-fault parties can be identified. In many traffic accidents, more than one party turns out to be partially responsible for the events that led to the crash.

By naming them all in your lawsuit, you’ll be able to collect compensation from all negligent parties and maximize the value of your claim.

An attorney from our firm will help you explore every angle and determine precisely who was to blame and why. These are just a few of the possibilities that will need to be investigated:

  • Speeding and Reckless Driving If the other driver made the negligent decision to speed, a large portion of the accident’s fault will almost certainly be assigned to him or her.
  • Distracted Driving If the other driver wasn’t focused on the road, we’ll need to determine what the distraction was and find proof of it. For example, we can prove that the other driver was texting by requesting cell phone records that show the user’s activity right before the wreck.
  • Road Rage Aggressive driving accidents often lead to criminal charges, but a conviction still won’t bring you the compensation you need. We can help you show how the enraged driver’s actions make you deserving of a settlement.
  • Roadwork When road construction crews fail to properly secure construction sites, accidents can easily result. Likewise, other drivers sometimes cause accidents when they drive recklessly through these areas.
  • Defective Auto Part If a part failed due to a design or manufacturing flaw, your attorney can help you hold the manufacturer accountable. If the failure was caused by a negligent garage or service technician, they could be at fault, as well.

Your Crash Injuries Affect Your Compensation

Once fault has been established and the necessary evidence and witness testimony has been collected, it will be time to evaluate your claim’s value. The most significant factors that will need to be considered are the injuries that you sustained in the collision.

The nature of your wounds and the impact they’ll have on both your quality of life and your finances will be central to the demand for compensation that your car accident lawyer files with the insurance company:

  • Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) Whether you experienced a concussion or some other form of TBI, your mental and physical faculties can be dramatically diminished. Many TBI victims are unable to work and maintain their personal relationships.
  • Spine and Back Injuries A damaged spinal cord or vertebrae can easily result in chronic pain and even paralysis. This will obviously require a great deal of medical care and negatively affect your ability to work and live a normal life.
  • Whiplash While neck injuries such as whiplash or usually temporary, they can cost you a large sum of money while you recover and inflict substantial pain and suffering.
  • Broken and Fractured Bones Like whiplash, bone injuries usually heal in time, but will be no less expensive and painful.
  • Wrongful DeathIf your loved one died in a wreck, your Houston car wreck lawyer can help you recover the cost of his or her medical care and funeral expenses, as well as the lost income and guidance your family will experience.

What Should Be Included in a Car Accident Settlement?

In short, the settlement provided by the at-fault party or their insurance company needs to compensate you for every financial expense and non-economic loss incurred by the motor vehicle collision and its aftermath.

It can be difficult to properly value a claim because future expenses need to be considered, as well as a number of damages that don’t have a readily apparent financial cost.

For financial damages, your medical bills and lost wages are the most obvious damages that will need to be included. This includes future losses as well as current expenses.

Your settlement should also factor in caretaker and transportation costs, property damage and repair, renovations made to your home to accommodate a disability, and therapy expenses—just to name a few.

Your non-economic damages also need to be evaluated by your accident attorney for their impact on your standard of living. Your pain and suffering should be assessed, as well as any damage done to your marriage and personal relationships, lost sexual function, emotional distress, and simple lost enjoyment of life.

Dealing with Insurance After a Wreck

Many crash victims make the mistake of assuming that the insurance company’s goal is to be as helpful as possible and ensure that they receive the necessary funds to enable a full recovery. Ideally, this would be true, but in reality, it simply isn’t the case.

Any initial settlement offered by the insurance is all but certain to be designed to get you to settle quickly and cheaply—thereby saving the insurance company as much money as possible. They’re also likely to use any statement you make out of context in an effort to put the wreck’s blame on you, which will also save them money.

Your Houston car accident lawyer will deal with the insurance for you so that you can get back to healing without having to worry about giving the insurer an unfair advantage. We’ll handle the negotiations and—if it becomes necessary—represent you in court so that you get the verdict and compensation you need.

Houston Car Accident FAQ

Any motor vehicle accident is likely to result in questions and uncertainty for victims. In this section, we’ve answered a few of the questions we hear on a regular basis. To ask more questions or get further information, please contact us to speak with a car accident lawyer from Houston.

Will I be compensated if the other driver gets convicted of DWI?

A drunk driving conviction against the intoxicated driver will help you achieve a sense of justice, but it will not compensate you for your injuries and losses. For that, you’ll need to seek compensation through a personal injury claim.

Can I file a claim for my car accident if I was partially at fault?

You can seek compensation for an auto wreck if someone else was more at fault than you were. However, your settlement amount will be reduced by the same percentage of fault that you were found responsible for.

How do I get compensated if the other driver was uninsured?

When you get hit by an uninsured driver, your options are to either file an uninsured driver claim with your own insurance or seek full compensation through a personal injury claim. Suing the driver isn’t always feasible, however, so be sure to ask your Houston car accident lawyer which is the best option.

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A traffic collision can be a traumatizing and stressful event to go through, and recovering is often expensive and just as emotionally trying. Denena Points, PC can help you make the process as smooth as possible and get you the settlement you deserve.

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