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As more and more of us are striving to attain greener and healthier lifestyles, bicycling is becoming increasingly popular throughout the country. To keep cyclists safe, bike paths and dedicated bike lanes are continually being developed and becoming more prevalent in cityscapes everywhere.

However, with increased bike ridership comes increased risk, especially for those who ride in urban areas. While we all like to think that we are safe while riding our bikes in bike lanes and roadways, there are negligent drivers everywhere. Drivers may be distracted or even intoxicated and can cause serious injuries or wrongful death.

If you have recently found yourself in this situation, a Houston bicycle accident lawyer from Denena Points, PC can evaluate your case and provide you with sound legal counsel on what your next step should be.

Number of Bicycles Hit by Cars Continues to Increase Every Year

The number of collisions between bicyclists and motor vehicles continues to climb in Houston. This is in spite of the growing trend toward advancing the safety of bicyclists through the use of helmets, reflective lights and clothing, and connecting trails and routes.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were 726 cyclists killed and an additional 50,000 cyclists injured in motor vehicle traffic accidents in 2014—up from 48,000 in 2013. The majority of these crashes happened in urban areas, and half occurred during daylight hours.

Bicycle Riders Have the Same Rights as Drivers

All drivers of motor vehicles are required to share the road with bicyclists. According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, bicycle riders have the same rights as a person driving a motor vehicle.

Motorists should stay at a safe distance when passing a bicycle, at least three feet away in some Texas towns. Bike riders should stay as far to the right as possible when sharing a lane with a car and should follow the same path as any other vehicle traveling in the same direction.

Bicyclists are allowed to ride in the full lane in the following instances:

  • There are obstacles in the bike lane, such as parked vehicles, pedestrians, and potholes
  • A lane is too narrow for a bike and a car at the same time
  • The cyclist is preparing to turn left at an intersection, road, or driveway
  • The bike rider is passing and overtaking a vehicle

Unfortunately, many motorists act as though cyclist have inferior rights. When drivers do not allow bike riders to share the road, bicyclists can be injured or killed in a bicycle-hit-by-car accident. Any motorist who willfully or negligently causes harm to a bicyclist could be financially responsible for the injuries and damage that ensue, and a Houston bicycle accident lawyer from our office can help you throughout the legal process.

Causes of a Bicycle-Hit-by-Car Accident

In Houston, distracted and inattentive driving by a motorist is the most common cause of a bicycle-hit-by-car accident. With the increase of texting, talking on the phone, and rushing to get to one’s destination, riding a bike in a designated bike lane along a roadway can be hazardous.

Urban areas are the riskiest to ride a bike in since intersections are common locations for accidents to occur in. Drivers of cars and trucks need to be cautious and aware, yielding the right-of-way to cyclists.

There can be several reasons behind a car accident involving a cyclist:

  • Failing to see the cyclist by not paying attention to surroundings
  • Speeding
  • Driving carelessly or recklessly
  • Driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Failing to correctly judge a cyclist’s speed or path
  • Driving too close to a cyclist

Bicycle riders who are injured in a collision with a car or truck may be entitled to compensation. According to the Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code §33.001, a person may not recover damages if his or her percentage of responsibility is greater than 50 percent.

This means a bicyclist needs to prove that the driver was at least partially at fault. By working with a Houston bicycle accident lawyer from our firm, we can help you collect evidence and develop a case.

Houston Attorneys Who Can Help You with Your Bicycle-Hit-by-Car Crash

Bicycle riding is a growing activity in Houston and throughout the country. More than ever, people are riding their bike to work, for exercise, and to have fun. Knowing and understanding your rights as a bicyclist is important. Trusted by many, Denena Points, PC has successfully litigated car crashes with bicycles and has years of experience.

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