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Houston Hit-and-Run Car Accident Lawyer

When the other driver speeds away after the crash, it can leave you injured and in a very bad situation financially. Find out how to get the compensation you need by consulting with a Houston hit-and-run car accident lawyer.

Getting hurt in a car accident is unfortunate enough, but what’s even worse is when the driver that hit you flees the scene. This hit-and-run situation happens more often than you’d think, and there are certain ways to handle it so that you’re not left with the bills.

One of the first things you should do is talk to your insurance company. Filing a claim as quickly as possible helps you in the long run and can get the process started to get you compensation for the damages.

The next thing you should do is contact a Houston hit-and-run car accident lawyer from Denena Points, PC. Hit-and-run accidents can be tough to deal with from all perspectives, especially when the other motorist hasn’t been identified, so a lawyer can help you negotiate with the insurance company so that you can maximize the compensation you receive.

Filing a Hit-and-Run Claim with Your Own Insurance

You may be thinking “what good is it to make an insurance claim for my hit-and-run if the other driver is unknown?” In most states, payment for hit-and-run claims usually comes through your own car insurance policy in the form of an uninsured motorist claim.

That’s the good news. The bad news is that insurance companies generally want to settle quickly and for as little money as possible, so your claim may not result in the amount you need to cover your damages. This is true even when the insurance company you’re dealing with is your own.

Important Information

Something else that might help your claim is having information about the incident. Take notes about everything you can remember about what happened, particularly the following:

  • The location, time, and date
  • The vehicles involved
  • Any information you can gather about the other vehicle (if possible)
  • Specific damages that were sustained

If you’re able to recall any information that can help the police find the other driver, that person will be found at fault, which can help your compensation claim.

Hit-and-Run Compensation

The amount of compensation you are entitled to will depend on many factors:

  • Damages to your vehicle
  • Any medical bills you incurred
  • The income you’re missing out on if your injuries keep you from working
  • Rehabilitation or physical therapy costs
  • General pain and suffering

These all vary on a case-by-case basis, so the best way to determine how much your claim is worth is to contact a Houston hit-and-run lawyer from our office.

Contact a Houston Hit-and-Run Lawyer

A hit-and-run accident can be tricky, especially when little to no information is known about the other driver. You should file a claim with your insurance company; however, it isn’t likely that they will compensate you to the fullest extent.

By hiring a Houston hit-and-run car accident lawyer from Denena Points, PC, you can combat the insurance companies and get the compensation you deserve. To contact us, simply fill out the form below or call us at 713-807-9500.