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Compensation for DUI Injuries

I received catastrophic injuries from a hit and run collision caused by a drunk driver. Of course he didn’t have any insurance coverage. And I’ll have major medical costs for the rest of my life. What can I do to get compensation for my injuries?

Denena Points, Houston accident lawyers, note that if you have “uninsured motorist coverage” on your own car insurance, your insurance coverage will stand in for the other driver. But it will pay you for your injuries only up to the limit of your coverage. The Texas Department of Insurance also notes that insurance companies will only pay on accidents for which a police report was filed. There are some legal complexities relating to the definition of an uninsured motorist for purposes of collecting a claim. So you could benefit from a consultation with an experienced Houston accident lawyer before you file your claim. Your attorney could make sure that you file your claim under the proper category and with the necessary supporting documents.

If your policy doesn’t have uninsured motorist coverage, your own collision insurance might pay you compensation for your costly injuries from the catastrophic accident. But, the insurance company will only pay you up to your policy’s coverage limit. And it might raise your insurance rates too.

Another option is to sue the negligent driver who hit you. An able Houston accident lawyer could define a winning legal strategy, and help you to secure the evidence you need to prove your case. He could take the driver to court and present a compelling case to the jury on your behalf. But the uninsured defendant also might not have sufficient financial assets to pay the damages award your receive form the jury. Your Houston accident lawyer could look into the possibility of Texas dram shop liability on the part of any establishment that may have served the defendant his alcohol before he crashed into you.

Smart Houston accident lawyers like Tony Denena and Chad Points have in-depth legal knowledge and long-term experience with complex accident cases like yours. They could protect your rights, advise you clearly on the pros and cons of your various options in the matter, and help guide you to the right choices so that you could make the maximum financial recovery available under the circumstances. Call today for your free legal consultation.