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We Got Both Insurance Companies to Pay Full Policy Limits

DISCLAIMER: Please note that every case is different and these verdicts and settlements, while accurate, do not represent what we may obtain for you in your case.

Tragedy often strikes when we least expect it. As our client Josh sat at a stop light he was rear-ended by a driver under the influence of prescription drugs. The young woman was driving at a high rate of speed and admitted to the investigating law enforcement official that she had taken at least four different prescription drugs prior to getting behind the wheel.

Josh was knocked unconscious as a result of the massive impact. Josh endured almost a complete year with the after effects of the severe head injury he suffered. In addition to the head injury, Josh suffered neck and lower back injuries. In all, Josh missed thirty-five weeks of work.

The negligent driver in this collision, Lynn Blair, carried only a minimum liability policy on the vehicle she was driving in a grossly negligent manner at the point of impact. At the time, the policy amount was only $25,000.00. The Board Certified Personal Injury Trial Attorneys at Denena Points, PC secured this policy limit and then made demand for the policy limts of the underinsured policy limits under the policy covering the car Josh was driving at the time of the collision. This policy limit was secured as well.

Our law firm does not take our fee and turn our backs on our clients once a case is settled. Josh was saddled with $28,448.91 in total medical bills as a result of his severe injuries. We stayed on the job for Josh and negotiated the total amount owed to $16,827.56 for a savings to Josh of $11,621.35.

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Awarded: Awarded: $50,000.00; Attorneys’ Fees – 16,666.67; Expenses – $690.17