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Houston SUV Rollover Accident Lawyer

If your sport utility vehicle rolled and someone else was at fault, you’re entitled to damages for your injuries and losses. Find out how to maximize your recovery by speaking with a Houston SUV rollover accident lawyer.

You’ve seen the horrific stories on the news about rollover accidents. Or maybe you’ve seen one on your way to work. Nothing compares to actually experiencing one, however.

These types of accidents can leave your sport utility vehicle extremely damaged, even totaled. In addition, you or someone you love may be seriously injured. In the worst-case scenario, these accidents can be fatal.

A rollover accident claim requires more experience than the average person has with insurance and the legal process, so the best plan of action is to hire a Houston SUV rollover accident lawyer from Denena Points, PC. Your lawyer is responsible for investigating the accident to determine cause and fault, as well as to find evidence to back your claim for financial compensation.

Causes of Rollover SUV Crashes

An accident may happen for multiple reasons, but there are several that often contribute to rollovers involving SUVs:

Evasive Maneuvers

When you’re driving on any road, you have to be aware of the other drivers on the road with you. At any point, a distracted or drunk driver may come into your lane, requiring you to sharply jerk the wheel, which could send you off the road and into a rollover.

Hazardous Road Conditions

Extreme weather conditions may be the cause of your rollover accident. While this type of accident is difficult to prosecute, there may be grounds for a claim if there was any negligence involved. For example, if the roads weren’t cleared properly by a construction crew. Your Houston SUV rollover accident lawyer can help you better understand what to do in this specific situation.

Vehicle Type

If you’ve ever seen the signs with the truck tilting, you’re aware that speed and the type of vehicle you’re driving come into play when maneuvering around curving roads. In some cases, you may be following posted laws and speeds, but your vehicle still rolls over because of its weight or design, such as with many models of SUVs. This could actually make the manufacturer at fault for your crash.

Regardless of the cause, it’s important to determine fault for the accident. Note that if the investigation proves that you were at fault for the rollover, your compensation can be reduced, making it essential to fully prove the other party’s negligence.

Types of Rollover Injuries

Outside of the potential cuts and bruises possible in a rollover accident, some injuries can be very severe and affect more than one part of your body. Types of injuries commonly seen in SUV rollovers are as follows:

All of these types of injuries can lead to being out of work, decrease your quality of life, and incur a stack of medical bills. Your attorney will fight for you so that you can get the financial compensation you need to handle all of this and recover properly.

Contact a Houston SUV Rollover Attorney

If you survive, a rollover accident is only the beginning of the long process to recovery. Trying to battle the consequences on your own usually ends in being taken advantage of by an insurer. Instead, hire an experienced Houston SUV rollover accident lawyer from Denena Points, PC to handle your case. Simply fill out the form below or give us a call at 713-807-9500 to get started.