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How to Vet a Lawyer

  1. Does the Texas lawyer have experience with your type of case? In a major accident, particularly one involving a truck, bus, or other public carrier, insurance companies will often send specialized investigation teams to the scene to obtain crucial evidence before you can get to it. Despite legal requirements that they share that evidence with you, you often need an aggressive, experienced attorney on your side to compel them to do so.
  2. What do other Texas lawyers say about the attorney? Fellow attorneys cab be the most vocal critics of other lawyers. Look at what other lawyers have to say about the attorney on their profile. Has the lawyer been designated as a Rising Star under 40 or a Super Lawyer?
  3. Is the attorney Board Certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization? Board Certified, specialized lawyers undergo additional education and peer review which non-certified lawyers avoid. The additional education, training, and review ensures that the Board Certified personal injury lawyer is best positioned to understand the complexities of your case, combat opposing parties’ tactics, and win your case for you.
  4. What is the lawyer’s track record for results in your type of case? Even if the lawyer has a stellar track record in criminal defense cases, he might not have the knowledge or experience you need to win your Baytown, TX car accident claim. Hire someone with a winning track record handling your type of case.
  5. Resources. In an accident case, insurance companies and defense firms can often muster extensive resources and array them in defense of your opponent. You need a lawyer with his own resources. Your lawyer and his law firm should be able to proceed on your case without hesitation on their own resources.

Don’t hire a lawyer who backs down or gives vague answers when confronted with your tough questions. Hiring the right lawyer for your case might be your most important step to ensuring a secure financial future for yourself and your family following a serious Baytown, TX car accident.

When you’re ready to hire a lawyer for your accident case, call our Baytown accident lawyers at Denena Points for a free consultation about your accident. Tony Denena & Chad Points won’t back down from the tough questions. We’re available to answer your questions about Board Certification, case results, or whatever you might want to discuss in relation to your accident. Call today to discuss the tough issues you face after your accident.