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Denena & Points Settle Wrongful Death Claim Against Ford


On July 18, 2008, Jane Kalie, a loving mother and daughter, was the seatbelted backseat passenger of her 2004 Ford Focus. Her sister was driving because Jane had a torn rotator cuff and was about to have surgery in a few weeks. Jane’s father was the front seat passenger. As they approached an intersection in their neighborhood, an SUV ran a stop sign and collided with the Ford Focus on the passenger side rear door, on Jane’s side of the vehicle. The SUV’s front grill and hood shattered Jane’s rear passenger window and created more than a foot of crush into the occupant space. Jane bore the brunt of the impact.
Jane’s Ford Focus was not equipped with side impact airbags, despite the fact that Ford Europe equipped every one of its Focus vehicles with side airbags and despite the fact that more than 50% of the passenger vehicles manufactured in 2004 were equipped with side airbags. Perhaps the most disturbing fact is that Ford offered side impact airbags on the Focus as an upgrade for the 2004 model year.
Jane’s family brought suit against Ford Motor Company alleging theories of design defect, negligence and strict liability. Specifically, they alleged that Ford designed and assembled the Focus without side impact airbags when it had the technology and knowledge to do so.

As a result of the collision, Jane suffered a fractured hip and a significant brain bleed.  Despite efforts to slow down the bleed, Jane passed away approximately 24 hours after she was admitted to the emergency room from a subarachnoid hemorhhage.  Her family made claims for her wrongful death.  She left behind two wonderful children, and a loving father.
Tony Denena and his partner Chad Points vigorously prosecuted the case and were able to reach a confidential settlement with Ford.

Awarded: Confidential Settlement