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Houston Electrocution Lawyer

Too often, other people’s negligent or careless choices lead to the electrocution of innocent victims. If you’re one of those victims, let a Houston electrocution attorney get you the compensation you need to recover.

Each year, hundreds of people in the United States are killed by electrocution, and countless other injuries occur. Many of these electrocutions are caused by defectively manufactured or poorly maintained electrical wiring, faulty electrical tools, or insufficient safety measures. While many injuries happen on construction sites, you may also be the victim of low power lines, bad poles, or a lack of routine electrical maintenance.

If you’ve been injured in an electrical accident, whether at work or as an innocent bystander, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact a Houston electrocution lawyer at Denena Points, PC for help filing your injury claim. Your lawyer will review the details of your accident and work tirelessly to get you the compensation you deserve.

Who Caused Your Electrocution?

After you secure a lawyer, the next step is to figure out who is responsible for your electrocution. If you were electrocuted on a construction site, your injuries may be covered by your employer’s workers compensation insurance; however, workers comp is limited in what it covers.

Under certain circumstances, you have a right to file a personal injury claim after an on-the-job electrocution. If a third party other than your employer was even partially responsible for anything that caused your electrocution, for example, you can name that person or entity in your suit.

If you were electrocuted outside of work, you may be able to file a premises liability claim. Perhaps you were electrocuted by high-voltage power lines or experienced an electrical burn on an amusement park ride. In these types of cases, property owners can be held responsible for hazards on their premises.

Electrocution is a complex field of personal injury law. Your Houston electrocution injury lawyer will know how to fight on your behalf.

Compensation for Your Houston Electrocution Injury

While some electrical burns look minor, there still may be serious internal damage, especially to the heart, muscles, or brain. Even without a visible burn, electric shock survivors may face long-term pain, fatigue, and nerve damage.

Consulting with your doctor and your Houston electrocution attorney will help you assess the severity of your injury and how it will affect your health on a long-term basis. Often, insurance companies want to settle a claim quickly to trick you into accepting a smaller settlement than you deserve.

Avoid signing anything until you and your lawyer have calculated the full value of your claim.

While you can expect to be compensated for your financial losses, you can also recover compensation for non-financial damages like pain, inconvenience, and diminished quality of life. Your lawyer will help you name all of these types of non-economic damages in your claim.

Consult with a Houston Electrocution Attorney

Electrocution can cause serious injuries throughout your body that require years of care. Medical care, time away from work, and other expenses can quickly place a burden on your finances.

If you were electrocuted because someone else acted negligently, you shouldn’t have to pay a penny out of pocket for your recovery. To allow yourself the time you need to focus on getting better, let Denena Points, PC handle the legal battle for the compensation you deserve.

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