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Family Settles Case for Wrongful Death of Loved One in Tragic Houston Motorcycle Crash

A terrible motorcycle tragedy ended with a settlement recently as the wife and children of a local Houston man settled their wrongful death claim against the at-fault driver.  Danny Myers, a loving son, husband, and father was struck down as he rode to work early in the morning on Wednesday, May 18, 2011.  Danny and Marilyn were about to celevrate their 40th wedding anniversary two weeks after his death.

Danny was headed southbound on FM 2100 near Crosby, Texas as Thelma Gray ran a stop sign at the exit to her neighborhood.  It was early in the morning and thus, still dark, but there was no reason Gray didn’t see Danny.  His headlight was on and was wearing full protective gear including a helmet, gloves, boots, and a jacket.  Gray pulled out of the neighborhood just as Danny was nearing the intersection.  The front of his Harley Davidson Ultra Classic slammed into the front left corner of Gray’s vehicle sending Danny over the hood and onto the pavement.

He was rushed by Life Flight to the emergency room where efforts to save his life failed.  The attorneys at Denena & Points, P.C. were saddened by the tragedy and the needless loss of life.  Tony Denena of Denena & Points, P.C. worked to secure every dollar for the family that was available.  He negotiated a reduced amount to be paid back to Mr. Myers’ health insurance company and othe rmedical providers in order to maximize the recovery for the family.

Awarded: Confidential Settlement