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Motorcyclist injured when vehicle u-turns in front of him

On Sunday, September 7, 2008, at approximately 4:00 p.m. Plaintiff, Damon Richards was the operator of a 2000 Suzuki Motorcycle.  He was wearing a full-face helmet and motorcycle gear.  Mr. Richards was on his way to a bikers’ club meeting near Relaint Park in Houston.  Tracy Alexander was traveling southbound on Almeda Road.  She approached a u-turn area and abruptly made a u-turn into the northbound lanes.  When this occurred she pulled right in front of Mr. Richard’s motorcycle and struck him.  Mr. Richards was thrown from the motorcycle and suffered severe and permanent right arm and shoulder injuries.

At the emergency room, he was diagnosed with right comminuted displaced fractures of the radius and ulna, which required immediate surgery.  Over the next few weeks, Richards continued to describe sever right shoulder pain.  Finally, he was referred to a new orthopedic surgeon who specialized in shoulder reconstruction.  He was diagnosed with dislocated shoulder and proximal humerus fracture which required an open reduction and internal fixation.  Over the next several months, Richards underwent extensive physical therapy and rehabilitation.

At the time of the motorcycle wreck, Richards worked as a driver for Dr. Pepper Bottling Company and worked nights and weekends at Taco Bell.  He lost approximately $11,000.00 in earnings as a result of the 4 months he missed from work.

Tony Denena of Denena & Points prosecuted Mr. Richards’ case against Ms. Alexander and negotiated a settlement on his behalf.

Awarded: $200,000.00; Attorneys’ Fees – $66,666,67; Case Expenses – $1,386.23