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What Are the Steps to Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

If you’ve been involved in an accident that resulted in personal injury, you want to be sure that the responsible party pays for your expenses. But how do you go about filing a claim seeking compensation for your damages and expenses?

Here we’ll talk about some of the steps in the process and what they mean.

Step 1: Contacting an Attorney

The first step in any personal injury claim is contacting a lawyer and discussing your options for seeking compensation. They can tell you what to expect and how to go about recovering monetary damages.

Step 2: Paperwork

This is the step where you file all the paperwork for your claim. Your attorney will explain all of the paperwork necessary and complete most of it for you. If at any point you don’t understand, simply ask.

Step 3: Accident Investigation

Your personal injury attorney will investigate your accident to establish what happened and begin collecting evidence. This includes determining cause and fault to add fuel to your compensation claim.

Step 4: Court or Negotiations

It’s not guaranteed that your case will go to trial. As a matter of fact, many cases get settled outside of court through the negotiation process. If yours does go to trial, your attorney will explain what goes into the trial process, from jury selection to opening arguments to witness testimony and beyond.

Step 5: Financial Compensation

Regardless of whether you settle or end up winning in court, compensation is just the beginning. Collecting the compensation you’ve been awarded can be a tough and long process, especially when the person you’re collecting from isn’t able to pay right away.

Your attorney will continue to work to recover your award and make sure that all of your expenses from the accident are covered. The exact amount of your claim will vary based on your specific circumstances.

Step 6: Appeals

This step is only taken if you and your attorney determine that the outcome isn’t what it should be. Keep in mind that if your case had to go to trial, the other side has the option to appeal, as well.

To get a better idea about your case and what steps it takes to recover compensation, contact a personal injury lawyer from our firm.

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