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What to do after a Truck Accident

Making a successful 18-wheeler crash injury claim is much more difficult than the type of car accident claim most people have experienced at one time or another. People who are not lawyers and even attorneys who are not experienced with the special concerns of personal injury cases and with dealing with big trucking companies and insurance companies can find their claims denied. To obtain the full financial recovery you deserve for your needless injuries and losses, you need to find an experienced Houston truck accident attorney Chad Points and Tony Denena are both Board Certified in Personal Injury Trial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

At the law firm of Denena Points, PC, we’ve been helping injured victims of collisions with 18-wheelers to recover fair compensation for their injuries and losses for 15 years. We’ve seen the many tricks that insurance companies and trucking companies will try to use to protect their profits and avoid paying claims. And we know the techniques to use to effectively counter those tactics. Our experience gives us an edge in thoroughly investigating accidents, gathering necessary evidence, building strong arguments, and presenting a convincing case to possibly win your compensation claim.

Our Board Certified attorneys know what to do to help when you’re suffering because of negligent trucking companies or their drivers. Over our years in practice, we’ve helped hundreds of clients recover millions of dollars in needed compensation from those whose negligence causes their suffering. And we could help you too to hold financially accountable those who caused your injuries and losses. They should pay for the harm they’ve caused.

When you have questions about your accident and you’re wondering what you can do to finally find financial relief for the burdens caused by the crash, contact us for a free initial legal consultation. You have no obligation to hire an attorney.

Call us at 713-807-9500 or just fill out our online contact form to schedule your free consultation. We’ll listen to the details of your wreck, guide you through your legal options, and help you evaluate your potential eligibility for a full financial recovery. Our professional lives are dedicated to the purpose of helping you find justice and fair financial compensation for the harm you unjustly received. Contact us today!