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Truck Accident Evidence Collection Process

Houston truck accident lawyer responds: The circumstances of Houston, TX truck wrecks are as individual as the victims of those wrecks. So the items of evidence best-suited to prove your Houston, TX truck wreck injury claim would vary on a case-by-case basis.

Where truck driver distraction seems to have caused your Houston, TX truck wreck, the trucker’s cell phone records might provide some pertinent evidence about what he did at the time of the crash. Video surveillance cameras and other witnesses along the route might also give you some data on his activities.

Where truck driver fatigue features as a possible cause of yourtruck wreck, your truck accident lawyer will want to obtain the truck driver’s log book. This logbook might contain valuable evidence to help you prove the validity of your truck wreck injury claim.

Federal regulations require truckers to keep log books detailing their hours worked, their rest breaks, and total mileage driven in each 24 hour period among other things. Drivers must retain their logbooks and supporting documentation for 6 months. If a trucker fails to keep a logbook, or if he falsifies the information it contains, both he and his trucking company can be held liable.

Some trucks contain electronic data recorders that will provide a good record regarding the trucker’s activities. Some truckers still use manual, paper logbooks. Of course, in a fiery truck wreck, recent paper log records might burn. And some truckers have been known to tamper with their logbooks to appear in compliance with federal regulations when in fact they were not.

Your Houston truck accident lawyer could obtain older log records from the trucking company. He could also obtain data regarding the trucker’s past safety record as well as data regarding the trucking company’s past safety record from the FMCSA. Truck stop records, video camera recordings, and credit card records are just some of the evidence your truck accident lawyer might use to establish the trucker’s actual driving hours and activities prior to the accident.

At Denena Points, our knowledgeable Houston truck accident lawyers know the appropriate steps to take to avoid or save a situation where the trucker’s log records have been lost or falsified. We thoroughly investigate and prepare each truck accident claim, and provide staunch advocacy to protect the rights of truck wreck victims.

A truck accident lawyer from Denena Points could investigate the cause of your truck wreck. We devote diligent efforts to obtaining and preserving the evidence you need to prove your truck wreck injury claim, so that this evidence doesn’t have a chance to become lost, altered, or destroyed by deceptive truckers or trucking companies. Call us today for a free truck accident consultation and case evaluation. Your call serves as your first essential step for us to begin work on your case.