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Truck Accident Claim Filing Process

Houston dump truck injury lawyers respond: after you’ve identified all of the people liable for your injuries and gathered all of the necessary evidence to prove your claim, you generally begin by serving notice on the defendants and their insurers of your intention to pursue financial compensation for your injuries. Then you and your opposing parties will exchange documents requesting information on the evidence, claims, and counterclaims of the case. After the exchange of documentation (called “Discovery”) concludes, you and your lawyer will meet the opposing parties at the negotiation table to try and negotiate a fair settlement with the defendants.

If the defendants see that your case is strong, that your evidence will demonstrate their liability to the court, and that your damages valuations are accurate, they could agree to a just settlement, and your case won’t have to go to trial. But it takes clear proof, a savvy legal strategy, and convincing legal arguments to get your opponents to offer you an adequate financial settlement.

On the other hand, if your opponents sense weakness in your claim and believe their chances to be greater than yours in any courtroom battle, they’ll refuse to settle with you. They’ll be content to wait and let your case be dismissed because you’ve failed in some key point of proof, or you’ve made a strategic misstep that destroys your case.

Even simple failure to understand exactly what standard of proof you have to meet can implode your arguments in the case. There are several different standards of proof, each applicable to different contexts and types of cases. The distinctions between some of these standards are subtle and easily misunderstood. So don’t try to represent yourself when you make a claim. Get an experienced Houston dump truck injury lawyer with a solid track record of success to help you.

If your case goes to trial, you definitely want the help of an experienced dump truck accident trial lawyer. Little missteps and technicalities can torpedo your case once it moves into court. The courts are overwhelmed with their caseloads. They can’t wait for the pro-se litigant to get his act together or learn the law and civil procedure on his own. A small failure to prove even one element of a claim could result in dismissal of that claim. Failure to prove the actual value of a damages claim could remove that item from a compensation award. You have but one chance to make your case. Don’t throw it away. Get the knowledgeable legal help you need to make your claim and win just compensation.

Your first step after a dump truck accident should be to hire yourself a Houston dump truck injury lawyer highly experienced with truck accident cases to protect your rights. We know that after a serious accident, especially one in which you’ve lost family members, the last thing you want to think about is a legal battle. You want to heal, find emotional comfort, and get your life back in order. We understand. That’s why we take pains to protect our clients from direct contact by opposing parties. You do not need the added stress of high-pressure intimidation tactics. We also make it our mission to move quickly on your behalf to gather and protect the relevant evidence you’ll need.

Your dump truck wreck may have changed your life forever. You might be unable to work. You might have lost a beloved family member to the catastrophic collision. You might be facing extreme financial hardship from the devastating economic consequences of the accident. Truck collisions often carry as much economic pain in their wake as physical and emotional pain. But you need to move quickly on your case to ensure your chances of success. Delays can greatly weaken your case as evidence quickly fades and deteriorates following the wreck. Our Houston dump truck injury lawyers have sensitively handled compensation claims for numerous clients devastated by commercial vehicle accidents. Let us help you obtain the fair compensation that you deserve for your traumatic dump truck accident losses.