Our carnival ride injury attorneys note that the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI), which oversees the state insurance agencies that have to pay the costs of injuries and fatalities that occur on unsafe carnival rides, is largely responsible for overseeing ride safety in the state. You may have noticed the TDI inspection stickers on rides and other things before without knowing what they meant.

Carnival operators in Texas are required to have their rides inspected for safety at least once yearly. When TDI inspectors have examined and cleared a ride, they issue a TDI sticker that goes on the ride. You could look for the sticker on rides before you get on, but a yearly inspection does not necessarily guarantee ride safety.

 And sometimes, the TDI stickers are not current. For instance, a 15-year-old lost her life on a carnival ride near Victoria, Texas when she was crushed by a ride part that had become loose in 2008. It turned out that the ride was two years overdue for inspection.

 Our carnival ride injury attorneys emphasize that mechanical problems could suddenly crop up at any time. Just as your air conditioner might suddenly fail in the summer or your car might suddenly begin to stall, so can a carnival ride begin to suddenly manifest a problem. And an even greater problem might be ride operator inattention or boredom. Many ride operators are young people hired for the summer. They might not understand the full safety importance of their job duties.

 TDI says that in Texas, approximately 150 people per year are injured on Texas carnival rides.

 Make it a Habit to Look for Current TDI Inspection Sticker s before you get On a Ride

 Our carnival ride injury attorneys point out that your efforts could help keep ride owners compliant as well as assure your own ride safety.

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