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Pasadena Personal Injury Lawyer

A catastrophic injury doesn’t just endanger your health, it also puts your future and finances at risk. Get compensated for what you’ve been through by working with a Pasadena personal injury lawyer.

Recovering from a personal injury is tough enough to deal with without the added frustration of dealing with the insurance companies, litigation, and related expenses. How do you keep it all straight? How do you prove to the insurance companies that the accident that caused the injury wasn’t your fault?

It’s not easy to handle all of the consequences of an accident that caused a serious injury, so your best course of action is to hire an experienced Pasadena personal injury lawyer from Denena Points, PC.

Your attorney will handle all the communication with the insurance companies and act as your advocate throughout the entire claim process. The insurance companies want to settle quickly and for as little money as possible. With an attorney on your side, that won’t happen. We will also handle all investigations of the accident to determine fault.

Accidents and Personal Injury

There’s no way that you can predict when an accident will occur and what the outcome will be. It’s just a fact of life that we are exposed to many dangerous situations throughout the course of our day, and any one of those could result in an accident. Some of the case types that your Pasadena personal injury lawyer will be familiar with include the following:

The first step in any case is determining fault. It seems obvious, but an accident that wasn’t your fault makes filing a claim a bit easier. However, if you were partially at fault for the accident, you might still be able to file a claim, although the compensation you could receive will be reduced, making it important to retain an attorney who can minimize your fault.

Once we determine fault, we can take into account all of the potential factors that may have been involved and include them in your claim. There are a variety of possible claim-worthy details, so it’s our job to go over everything to ensure that you are getting the compensation you deserve.

Compensation for a Catastrophic Injury

How much money can you get for your serious injury? We’ll need to have all the facts before we can make a full evaluation, but the good news is that there are a number of damages that can commonly be claimed in personal injury suits:

  • Current medical bills, as well as an estimate of future medical bills as determined by your doctor
  • Lost wages, income, or earning potential as a result of being out of work due to your recovery
  • Decrease in quality of life as a result of the injury
  • Any rehabilitation or physical therapy that has been deemed medically necessary to recover from your injuries
  • General pain and suffering, both emotional and physical

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