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How Much Do Motorcycle Accidents Generally Cost?

A report from the federal Government Accountability Office (GAO) estimates that the average cost for a fatal motorcycle accident was $1.2 million, while the average cost of a motorcycle injury accident ranged from $2,500 to $1.4 million depending upon the severity of your injuries. Of course, our Houston motorcycle accident lawyers realize that for injuries that include long-term disability or require ongoing medical treatment, the costs are difficult to measure over time and can be much higher. Costs difficult to measure might include lost income over time due to reduced capacity to work.

The Alarming Numbers from Motorcycle Accident Statistics

Data from 2010 indicates that 82,000 suffered injury and 4,502 died in motorcycle accidents. The GAO report puts the direct, measurable costs from these motorcycle accidents at $16 billion for 2010.

The GAO report states that motorcycle helmet laws requiring that riders wear the safety helmets are the only strategy proven to reduce motorcycle accident fatalities and the severity of injuries. But controversy remains over proposals to make helmets mandatory for all riders. Texas is one of the 28 states with a partial helmet law. The Texas motorcycle helmet law requires riders under 21 to wear helmets and exempts riders 21 and over if they meet certain requirements.

Our Houston motorcycle attorneys understand that there are some dangers over which motorcyclists have no control. But one thing riders can always control to enhance their safety is whether or not they wear helmets.

To reduce your danger and avoid the high costs of motorcycle injury or fatal accident, you should always wear a helmet when you choose to ride a motorcycle. The NHTSA estimates that motorcycle helmets saved the lives of 1,550 riders in 2010.

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