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Loose Gravel Motorcycle Accident

Drivers of all motor vehicles have a duty of reasonable care to drive safely and take reasonable precautions for their own safety on the road. You might find a certain amount of anti-biker bias in the general public that tends to put the blame on the motorcycle rider for a wreck when he hits loose gravel. Especially if you were traveling above the speed limit, our Texas motorcycle accident attorneys caution that you might find jurors and insurers trying to lay the blame for the wreck squarely on you. But government entities, paving contractors, entities that maintain roads, and others with responsibility for safe conditions on roadways also have duties to take reasonable care for the safety of travelers who will use those roads. Loose gravel, uneven pavement, sand, obstacles and debris in the road, and other conditions can be reasonably anticipated to create hazards for travelers.

Riders of Two-Wheeled Vehicles are at Greater Risk than Occupants of Vehicles with More Wheels

Motorcyclists face greater dangers from hazards like loose gravel than motorists in vehicles with four wheels or more. A vehicle’s balance and stability are more precarious on only two wheels. And the smaller tread surfaces of the two bike tires that are in contact with the roadway provide less secure traction.

So when a biker hits loose gravel, especially on a curve or a turn, his motorcycle’s wheels can easily slip out from under him and he can end up in a serious wreck, even if he was traveling in full compliance with the speed limit and all traffic warning signs.

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