2014 Was a Record Year For Recalls of Defective Autos

In this year alone, there were over 700 recalls of defective autos, affecting nearly 60 million vehicles.  Some of those defective autos or parts resulted in deaths, that could have been prevented by higher quality design or manufacturing processes.
A few examples of the auto recalls include:

Ignition switches
Faulty alternators
Brake malfunctions
Fuel system
Engine cooling system
Electrical system

Any of these types of recalls could result in a vehicle stalling, […]

Texas Oil and Gas Boom May Be To Blame For Increase In Truck Accidents

In the past four years the number of deadly accidents involving commercial trucks has risen 50% in Texas, while nationwide accidents are on the decline.  This time period coincides with the boom in the oil and gas industry which has put more commercial trucks on the roads, but without increased safety oversight.  Most of the crashes occur in the counties where the industry has […]

Airbag Recalls at Three Automakers After Incidents of Explosions

Airbags were originally invented and placed in vehicles in order to prevent injuries and save lives.  There have been concerns in the past about airbags deploying prematurely, and causing injuries to passengers.  But now a different problem exists, as three of Japan’s largest automakers have begun to recall vehicles that used a defective airbag made by Takata, a Japanese manufacturer.
Airbag Inflators Exploding on Impact
The […]

The Most Frequent Accident for Lawsuits at Theme Parks: Slip and Fall

For all of the sensational headlines about thrill ride accidents, the most frequent type of accident at large theme parks is the simple slip and fall.  A Florida newspaper recently did an investigation into the major theme and amusement parks in that state, and found that almost half the lawsuits filed were for injuries from customers slipping or tripping.  While theme parks like Disney […]

Ferris Wheel Accidents at Carnivals Are Difficult to Prevent

The ferris wheel is one of the most recognized carnival rides, and has been around for many decades.  Although it can’t compete with high-speed roller coasters for sheer excitement, there is an appeal to ferris wheels that many cannot resist.
However, this does not meant that ferris wheels are any safer than high speed rides, since they may lack the safety measures to keep riders […]

Hotel Walkway Collapse in 1981 Reveals the Impact of Design Defects

The worst structural collapse in the United States occurred in 1981, unsurpassed until the World Trade Center fell in 2001.  The accident happened at the Hyatt Hotel in Kansas City when two walkways above the hotel atrium fell without warning.  There were people standing on both walkways as well as a crowd below, all watching a dance competition.  114 people were killed in the […]