Are Seasonal Workers and Long Hours at Carnivals Contributing to Accidents?

As injuries at carnivals increase, questions begin to arise about the cause of accidents that injure riders and spectators.  The design and construction of safer rides should bring a decrease in injuries as manufacturing of ride components improves.  This has brought attention on the operators of rides who are often temporary employees, and due to the short work season can be spending too many […]

Can Amusement Park Rides Cause Undetected Brain Injuries?

Every 21 seconds someone suffers a traumatic brain injury (TBI) and often those injuries go undetected until a later time.  Some TBIs are ‘closed’ with no apparent wound or outer sign, but can lead to serious complications if left untreated.  A mild brain injury can occur from violent motions, sudden stops or accelerations; all commonly found on high-speed amusement park rides.
The danger is highest […]

World’s Most Dangerous Amusement Park Re-opens in New Jersey

While most amusement parks are making efforts to offer both safe and exciting rides, one park re-opened this summer in New Jersey that has a history of danger for attendees.  The Mountain Creek Ski Resort and Water Park has been re-named Action Park, and has a tough reputation to overcome.  
It had been named the world’s most dangerous amusement park after it was the scene […]

Austin Balcony Collapse Injures 23 Partygoers

An Austin, Texas condominium was the site of another balcony collapse due to the excess weight placed on inadequate supports by a large group of partygoers.  At the time of the collapse, about 30 people were gathered on the second floor balcony of the townhouse.  Although the balcony was 400 square feet, it was not designed to hold that many people at once, and […]

‘Traveling Carnival’ Ride Causes Injuries in El Paso

A recent carnival in El Paso, Texas hosted by a local seminary, saw two teenagers injured when they fell off a ride called the Sidewinder.  The Sidewinder has a small basket that is enclosed, and is supposed to keep the riders safe while the basket spins around at the end of extended ‘arms’ on the ride.  The ride is designed for the basket to […]

Chicago Balcony Collapse In 2003 Raises Awareness of Safety Concerns

In 2003, the deadliest balcony collapse in US history killed 13 people and injured 57 others.  The collapse took place in Chicago, Illinois in an apartment building, and was responsible for raising awareness about the dangers of overcrowded or poorly maintained balconies in the city.  The accident brought a new wave of balcony inspections in the city, and led to more stringent structural standards […]