A Recent College Campus Balcony Collapse Lawsuit Raises Liability Questions

As victims of balcony collapses begin to seek compensation for injuries, there are more lawsuits being filed for negligence and construction defects against property owners or contractors.  In some cases, the owners are aware of structural defects or maintenance problems, but still fail to act and maintain a safe balcony.  This can be a problem if tenants are not informed about weight limits or […]

Major Damage Award in Balcony Collapse Case From 2012

In 2012, a balcony collapsed during a graduation party in Montgomery, Alabama, injuring eight people.  A jury recently awarded the victims a total of almost $25 million for their injuries, underscoring the need for property owners to understand the kind of liability that can result from this type of accident.  In this case the owner was not even present or involved, but we assume […]

New Auto Defect Whistleblower Proposal Receives Early Support

There is a new piece of federal legislation being proposed that would give financial incentives to whistleblowers who expose safety defects in autos.  The legislation is in response to the recent wave of auto defects, some of which were concealed by automakers for up to ten years.  It would allow any whistleblower to share in the penalty payments that an auto company may be […]

Should Customers at Amusement Parks Be Responsible For Safety?

Customers at amusement parks assume that safety inspections are taken care of by park owners and state regulators, but recent revelations of inadequate safety precautions has some customers feeling they should conduct their own research.   There are no real ways to do that other than conduct actual physical inspections of a ride, since many records and permits are never displayed for public view.
How […]

Record Number of Auto Recalls Start to Initiate Changes in the Industry

The well-publicized auto recall record in 2014 has many people wondering what is happening with the car industry. During an age where both federal regulations and class action liability suits are increasing, it would seem that automakers should be taking notice of the financial cost of poor design and manufacturing practices. Despite the record number of recalls, traffic accident statistics show that traffic deaths […]

Use of Hands-Free Phones in Large Trucks Can Contribute to Accidents

The National Transportation Safety Board is weighing in on the use of hands-free phones by drivers of large 18-wheelers.  The NTSB says the use of hands-free phones can distract drivers and cause accidents on the highways.  There is a current ban on the phones by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, but the NTSB believes further regulation is needed.
This type of driver distraction was […]