The New Unexpected Cause of Balcony Collapses: Family Holiday Photos

In a bizarre twist to the tradition of taking family photos during holidays and gatherings, family members in Kentucky recently suffered multiple injuries when a balcony and stairway collapsed during the photo shoot.  There were 20 members of the family on a wooden stairway when under their combined weight it collapsed, bringing their Christmas Day photo to a swift conclusion.
Two Separate Christmas Day Photo […]

The Eventual Outcome of Massive Defect Recalls: More Expensive Autos

In the wake of the 60 million vehicles recalled in 2014, there is one inevitable result for automakers and consumers.  The cost of cars and trucks is sure to rise, as automakers and parts manufacturers implement stricter safety measures.  These costs will be passed on to consumers via higher sticker prices and fewer incentives to buy new vehicles.  This occurs during a time where […]

Winter Ice Storms Bring Danger from Truck Accidents

All across the country there have been nearly 500 accidents in recent days, killing at least nine people, caused by ice storms and freezing rain that turned highways into sheets of slick ice. In conditions like this, the greatest danger is always from large trucks and 18-wheelers that can easily jackknife and go sliding into multiple vehicles. Although the apparent cause can be dangerous […]

Fines From Federal Regulators are a Poor Deterrent for Disclosure of Defects by Automakers

In an era where auto recalls for defects are at a record high, it is becoming apparent that the current system of enforcing defect disclosure rules are ineffective. Automakers have little incentive to disclose defects through surging warranty claims or their own internal testing, since the fines that are levied for infractions are easily absorbed into their multi-billion dollar earnings. This system leaves only […]

Defective Guardrails Cause Injuries and Deaths to Motorists

While most defects that cause highway injuries occur in vehicles, there is a new culprit on the roadways that most motorists would never imagine posed a risk.  The guardrail ‘end terminal caps’ manufactured by Trinity Highway Products have been found to be defective, and are now suspended from use in 40 states including Texas.  The rectangular terminal cap is supposed to be designed to […]

Car Dealers Often Prohibited From Telling Customers of Known Defects

In the record-breaking surge of auto defects in 2014, lawmakers and the general public are searching for answers on how widespread defects can go unreported to consumers.  Often, a simple repair or replacement of a part could mean the difference between life and death, as with the GM ignition switch defect which prevented airbags from deploying in accidents.  In that case, it is now […]