Austin Balcony Collapse Injures 23 Partygoers

An Austin, Texas condominium was the site of another balcony collapse due to the excess weight placed on inadequate supports by a large group of partygoers.  At the time of the collapse, about 30 people were gathered on the second floor balcony of the townhouse.  Although the balcony was 400 square feet, it was not designed to hold that many people at once, and […]

‘Traveling Carnival’ Ride Causes Injuries in El Paso

A recent carnival in El Paso, Texas hosted by a local seminary, saw two teenagers injured when they fell off a ride called the Sidewinder.  The Sidewinder has a small basket that is enclosed, and is supposed to keep the riders safe while the basket spins around at the end of extended ‘arms’ on the ride.  The ride is designed for the basket to […]

Chicago Balcony Collapse In 2003 Raises Awareness of Safety Concerns

In 2003, the deadliest balcony collapse in US history killed 13 people and injured 57 others.  The collapse took place in Chicago, Illinois in an apartment building, and was responsible for raising awareness about the dangers of overcrowded or poorly maintained balconies in the city.  The accident brought a new wave of balcony inspections in the city, and led to more stringent structural standards […]

Mixed Response to Bungee Ride Accident at a Carnival in Montana

An amusement park in Montana closed one of its rides after a girl was seriously injured in a fall.  The ride is a called the Power Tramp and uses elastic bungee cords to propel the rider up and down.  The bungee cords allow the riders to bounce higher off the ground.  The day of the accident a girl broke her pelvic bone when she […]

Recent Balcony Collapses Across the Country Raise Questions of Safety

The number of people injured in balcony collapses in the US continues to grow, as this summary of recent collapses illustrates:

In Baltimore during a college Labor Day party, a balcony collapsed and fell only eight feet, but that was enough to put six people in the hospital with injuries.  The only local government involvement was to verify that the building was safe, and beyond […]

Amusement Parks May Not Be Liable for Injuries from Bumper Cars

One of the most popular activities at amusement parks are bumper car rides.  Essentially, every rider has their own car with padded sides, and everyone careens around smashing into other cars.  The fun element is the abrupt and unknown approaching crash, as well as the ability to ‘bump’ into others.  There is a possibility of injury, especially from hands that may be on the […]