Drunk Driving Involved in Rodeo Bus Crash

Drunk Driving Involved in Rodeo Bus Crash

Tragedy struck on Saturday, March 5, about two miles from NRG Stadium when a speeding drunk driver caused a fatal, multi-vehicle crash. The sixty-five-year-old victim was killed after a Chevrolet Avalanche rear-ended his Nissan 370Z, which was stopped on Alameda at a red light. His vehicle was pushed into the intersection at Reed, which caused it to collide with two charter rodeo buses successively.

The driver of the Avalanche survived, but highway officials said he smelled of alcohol, and a witness said it took five minutes to wake him up. Once the witness saw the driver stir, he asked him if he could turn his radio off, which he did. The witness was glad that he was alive and recorded a video after the crash. It shows the driver wandering around disoriented and not speaking. It also shows a Chevy pickup with a seriously damaged front end. Luckily, the rodeo buses were used to transport attendees. Its forty-three-year-old driver was charged with intoxication manslaughter.

Drunk and Speeding

Speeding and drunk driving are among the top causes of accidents, along with distracted driving. All are examples of recklessness. What makes drinking and driving especially dangerous is that alcohol not only impairs judgment, but also slows reaction time. Studies have also shown that it compromises vision. Visual search and image detection are weakened by alcohol consumption, upping the chance of missed stops and turns and greatly enhancing the chance of collisions.

Another troubling fact is that people who drink and drive usually do it repeatedly—with some driving while impaired as often as eighty times before getting caught. Others crash.  

Intersections and Accidents

Intersections are a common spot for accidents for many reasons. Not only do many lanes converge, with dedicated turning lanes adding confusion, but they often have people making sudden moves or reacting out of step with the flow of traffic. The simple act of stopping for a stop light or stop sign can come too late for a distracted person playing with their cell phone or otherwise breaking the law. Add speeders and drunk people and things get ugly.

Legal Implications

Drunk and reckless drivers must be held responsible for the destruction they cause. Not only can they face criminal charges, but a civil personal injury case helps the victim and the family get back on financial track. For example, in this case, the family of the victim can potentially seek damages, as can the rodeo charter bus owners and drivers.  (Those buses were used to transport visitors to and from the rodeo, but luckily were empty at the time of the crash.) A personal injury case can be pursued separately outside of any criminal charges.

Houston Bus and Car Crash Attorneys

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