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Millennials Top List of Dangerous Drivers

“What’s the matter with kids today?” Older generations love to blame things on the young, but in decrying the driving habits of millennials, critics are spot on. An alarming AAA study details the fact that 88 percent of these drivers have sped, run red lights, and texted while behind the wheel—all in the thirty days prior to taking the survey! Worse yet, many don’t think anything is wrong with that.

Age and Frequency of Red Light Running, Speeding, and Texting While Driving

This AAA data was collected from 2,511 licensed drivers at least sixteen years old who had driven in the preceding thirty days. It reflects the number of people who admitted to doing at least one of the three offenses mentioned above.

  1. 19–24 years old: 88.4%
  2. 25–39 years old: 79.2%
  3. 40–59 years old: 75.2%
  4. 16–18 years old: 69.3%
  5. 75 or more years old: 69.1%
  6. 60–74 years old: 67.3%

Why Do They Do It?

Growing up surrounded by technology has made it an integral part of how millennials communicate with the world. Texting is a primary form of communication for them—so “obvi” they’ll use it when they feel they need it—constantly. There is also the youth factor that has psychologists disagreeing on whether young people are inherently drawn to risky behavior or if they just don’t have the life experience to realize how dangerous they’re behaving.

Cell Phone Use the Main Offender

Because cell phone use while behind the wheel is one the leading causes of accidents, we should do everything we can to reduce its frequency. While millennials are easily the main transgressors here, the tips listed below can benefit all drivers:

  • Turn your cell phone off or set the ringer to silent
  • If you must call someone, pull over before dialing
  • Go hands free with a headset or Bluetooth system
  • See if your phone has voice-activated dialing
  • Make sure you have voicemail activated so that you can ignore calls until later

Driven to Distraction?

Aside from drivers being financially penalized, if their texting, speeding, or red-light running affects someone else, they can be accused of negligent driving under the law. Accidents happen, but how you deal with the aftermath can impact your future wellbeing. If you’ve been in a crash and decide to take an insurance settlement, you want to make sure that you get the best one possible. You should never blindly accept an insurance company’s first offer as it will usually be well below what a case is worth. Add injuries to the mix and you really need to know all of your options!

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