Z.K. Houston, Texas | DENENA | POINTS

One of the main benefits of being represented by Tony that I have not been able to find when hearing my friends’ experiences with lawyers is that of exceptional communication. No one that I have spoken to about their experiences has been able to say that their lawyer provided the level of communication that I found that Tony and Marisol (his paralegal) provided to me and my family. Tony and Marisol were always there to answer the multitude of questions that my family and I had regarding our case. Although so many facts of the case were hard to hear, Tony took care to consider the person with which he was communicating and the best way to deliver that information as mercifully and clearly as possible. Tony or Marisol never made me feel as if I was bothering them or that they were too busy to answer our questions. Anytime that I left a message, I got a response in an hour or before the day’s end (at the latest). Anytime I called the office during working hours, I always got an answer from a person – not an answering machine. Anytime that I emailed Tony or Marisol, the response time was just as exemplary. Tony let me know what timelines to expect regarding the case and kept me informed of each step in the process. The case I was involved in was very emotional, so having lines of effective communication helped to make the process easier. I hate to think of people represented by other lawyers in heartbreaking cases, such as mine, that are left in the dark about the progress of their case or cannot get a hold of anyone who can answer their questions.
On another note, I was impressed to be represented by a lawyer that decided to take on the grueling process of becoming board certified in personal injury trial law. Not all lawyers are willing to put in the necessary extra time and effort to earn that certification. Tony’s willingness to continue to sharpen his skills and go above and beyond what most other lawyers expect of themselves, made me feel more confident in my decision to have Tony represent me.