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Port of Houston work injury lawyers note a dangerous shipboard loading accident on Thursday. A worker, whose identity was not released by authorities, fell backwards about 40 feet into a hole on the ship he was loading late Thursday night. The worker suffered serious injuries in the fall including broken ribs and an injured back.

The injured worker received rush transport to a local hospital where he was listed in stable condition. Reportedly, a supervisor also injured his wrist in the shipboard loading accident, but he only fell about five feet. The precise cause of the accident was not yet determined.

The Port of Houston work injury lawyers at Denena & Points have the injured worker and his supervisor in their thoughts and prayers after the fall. We’re glad the injuries were not more severe after the worker’s tremendous fall.

The Port of Houston handles about 70% of all containerized cargo in the Gulf of Mexico but serious accidents remain relatively infrequent. The Port of Houston has become one of the world’s busiest shipping ports. With the boom in oil and gas production from the Eagle Ford Shale, Port of Houston shipping will likely only continue to grow.

Traffic congestion and other considerations in the narrow Houston Ship Channel recently led the U.S. NTSB to issue special recommendations regarding safety. Read amore about the safety recommendations that could benefit local shipboard workers by clicking on this article.

As Jones Act and maritime injury lawyers, Tony Denena and Chad Points support the NTSB’s recommendations and the right of all maritime workers to a safe working environment. If you have questions about what to do after a shipboard injury, contact Chad and Tony for a free initial legal consultation. Their more than 14 years of Port of Houston injury experience could help guide you to a full financial recovery for your painful injury.

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