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Posted on Jan 04, 2014

A contract worker involved in cleaning a Texas Macy’s store was flown to a Galveston hospital for burn treatment after a work-related injury at the Parkdale Mall in Beaumont. The woman had a backpack-type vacuum cleaner strapped to her when the power cord suddenly shorted out. The accident set fire to her clothing, resulting in 2nd and 3rd degree burns on her back. (Sarah Moor, Beaumont Enterprise, 1/2/14)

Texas has some of the very highest on-the-job injury and death rates in the United States. That sad fact stems in part from the fact that we have booming industry in some of the most dangerous occupations (oil and gas extraction, trucking, fisheries, logging, and construction).

Work Accidents are Preventable

Our Beaumont work accident attorneys firmly believe that every on-the-job accident could be prevented. For instance, more regular inspection and maintenance of the vacuum cleaner at Macy’s might have discovered that the machine’s power cord had missing or damaged insulation in spots that might lead to a short and resulting fire.

This injured contract worker might not be covered by worker’s compensation insurance, at least not through Macy’s, the site of the serious burn injuries. In Texas, workers’ comp doesn’t cover independent contractors. Even if she is covered by her contract employment agency, she might still be able to sue Macy’s directly for negligence in the case.

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