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Posted on Jul 28, 2013

Two women were walking down Weichold Road near FM 1516 in far east San Antonio on Thursday night when a car struck them from behind around 10 p.m. One pedestrian who was struck, reported to be in her 70s, died at the scene. The other woman was reportedly airlifted to the hospital. KABB noted that the driver stopped at the scene, and that Weichold Road where the accident occurred is unlit, so no criminal charges were expected against the driver. (Sources: KABB Fox San Antonio; and RJ Marquez, ksat.com, 7/26/13)

The hearts and prayers of our Texas pedestrian accident attorneys are with the family and friends of the woman who died in the accident and with the other woman injured by the traumatic crash.

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Faster Vehicle Speeds Greatly Increase the Risks of Pedestrian Fatalities in an Accident

Our Texas pedestrian accident attorneys sadly note that an average year sees more than 5,000 tragic pedestrian fatalities and 100,000 pedestrian injuries from motor vehicle crashes. 15 to 20 pedestrians are injured in motor vehicle crashes for every one who dies. And the ratio varies depending upon vehicle speeds, from about 57 injuries per fatality on roads with speed limits of 25 mph or less,to less than 1 injury per fatality on roads with speeds of 60 mph or more.

Poor lighting, street designs that don’t account for pedestrian needs, and driver behavior can all add to the risks for someone on foot near motor vehicles. Drivers have a duty to take precautions for others’ safety as they drive and to watch out for other motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians sharing the roads with them. So even if a driver doesn’t face criminal charges after a serious pedestrian injury or fatality, that driver might still be financially accountable to victims and their families in civil court. Contact the Texas pedestrian accident attorneys at Denena Points, PC to learn more.

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