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Posted on Aug 31, 2013

A woman plowed through the front window of a Laundromat when she lost control of her car this weekend. Our Harris County car accident injury attorneys note that the crash took place in northwest Harris County at Cypress Station by Hollow Tree. Witnesses say that the driver did not seem to try and slow down prior to the crash. The out-of-control car struck a woman sitting on a chair outside of the Laundromat, hurling her 25 feet inside of the building and causing laceration injuries.

Video captured part of the accident as the woman behind the wheel apparently hit the gas rather than the brake pedal. The driver was not injured in the crash, and there was no information disclosed on whether the woman would face charges. (Sources: khou.com 8/30/13; and KTRK abc13.com, 8/31/13)

The Harris County car accident injury attorneys at Denena Points, PC wish the injured woman a rapid and complete recovery from the crash.

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The Speed at Which a Collision Occurs Hugely Affects the Severity of a Pedestrian’s Injuries from a Car

As cars’ speeds increase, so do the numbers of fatalities in pedestrians hit by those cars. Where cars were traveling at speeds of 25 mph or less at the time of a collision with a pedestrian, there were 57 injuries for every pedestrian killed by a car. But where the car was traveling at 60 mph or faster, our Harris County car accident injury attorneys point out that there were only 0.3 injuries for every pedestrian fatality.

Studies of collisions between cars and pedestrians indicate that only about 5% of pedestrians receive fatal injuries when cars are traveling at 20 mph. At 30 mph, that goes up to 40%. At 40 mph, the percentage goes all the way up to 80%. And when cars reach 50 mph or more, almost 100% of pedestrians struck by the vehicles die. Click the link to read some important pedestrian safety tips.

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