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Continued from Part 1. A witness, Dan Gillis, told Reuters reporters that he was working a construction job across the street from the deadly building collapse when he saw a crane remove a support beam from the front of the building. Our building collapse accident attorneys point out that then the wall next to the Salvation Army Thrift Store began swaying.

At the same time, another witness, Jeffrey Fehnel, said that a backhoe had hit the rear of the building just prior to the collapse. And a witness, roofer Patrick Glynn, who had been working nearby said he had seen construction in progress over the past days and that the way the demolition was being conducted, he thought a collapse could occur at any time. Apparently workers had regularly been standing at the edge of the building knocking bricks off the structure and the building already appeared “ready to go at any time.”

Another witness, Steve Cramer, said that a 30-foot dividing wall was left up with no bracing, compromising the integrity of the building.

Who’s Responsible for the Market Street Building and the Demolition Gone Awry?

Well known local “porn king” Richard Basciano, who had owned “Show World” in Times Square until it closed, was listed as the owner of the collapsed building that was undergoing demolition. The demolition contractor was listed as Plato Marinakos Jr.; he said Campbell Construction was handling the demolition work.

Our building collapse accident attorneys emphasize that OSHA will be among the agencies investigating the causes of the deadly Center City, Philadelphia building collapse along with Philadelphia authorities. (Sources: Dave Warner, Reuters; and Kathy Matheson and Keith Collins, Associated Press by way of Yahoo News, 6/5/13)

Premises Liability is an Important Factor when You’ve been Injured in a Collapse Accident

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