William Holland Fatally Struck by Pickup while Changing Tire on I-35 | DENENA | POINTS

Just before noon on Thursday, William Craig Holland of Roanoke pulled his Chevy SUV over on the northbound I-35 service road near Temple, Texas to change a flat tire. The driver of a Jeep also pulled over to help him. The driver of a pickup truck failed to notice the two vehicles and William Holland in time to avoid a tragic accident. The pickup truck driver fatally struck William Holland and also hit the two vehicles that had been pulled over. Authorities were investigating the tragic accident. (Source: Paul J, Gately, kwtx.com, 5/23/13)

The I-35 accident attorneys at Denena Points, PC express their sincere condolences to the family and friends of Mr. William Craig Holland.

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Be Aware of Dangers if you must be on the Shoulders of the Road

Up to 12% of fatal accidents occur when a driver hits someone on the shoulder of the road. The victims might be pedestrians, road or construction workers, first responders and victims at an accident scene, or other drivers changing a tire or waiting for help after a vehicle stalls. Our I-35 accident attorneys point out that sometimes the victims are drivers and passengers trying to get stalled vehicles out of the roadway. Click the link to read about another recent tragic accident on the Gulf Freeway where a driver fatally struck a man with a disabled vehicle.

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