How will my Jones Act claim be affected if I helped cause an accident? | DENENA | POINTS

One of the advantages of a Jones Act claim over standard workers’ compensation schemes is that the Jones Act provides liberal protections for a seaman injured in the course of his duty. Your own contributory negligence in partially causing an accident will not bar your Jones Act claim against your employer where the employer, his agents, or employees were also negligent.

 Our Gulf Coast Jones Act attorneys emphasize that even where a seaman’s own contributory negligence helps lead to the seaman’s accidental death on the job, his or her surviving family members may still bring a claim for monetary damages under the Jones Act. But whether the seaman is injured or killed by the accident, if his or her own negligence helped contribute to the accident, a jury will usually reduce a financial damages award by the proportion of the seaman’s own contributory negligence in causing the accident. However, if the seaman’s employer violated specific safety laws, this proportional reduction for contributory negligence may not apply.

 If you’ve been injured or lost a loved one in an accident at sea, your best course is to seek the counsel of an experienced Jones Act attorney to determine how the various rules of negligence will affect your claim. The Gulf Coast Jones Act attorneys at Denena & Points have almost 15 years of practical experience handling such claims on behalf of injured clients. Contact them to schedule a free and confidential consultation regarding your accident.

 The Gulf Coast Jones Act attorneys at Denena & Points could help you understand your legal options, how the rules of negligence affect your claim, and what types of monetary compensation you might seek for your needless harm. Most accidents are 100% preventable with proper care. The Jones Act was passed into law to help those seaman and their surviving relatives who suffer because an employer did not take that proper care. Contact us today and let us help you find just solutions for your injury.