Who's liable for causing my Houston elevator accident? | DENENA | POINTS

Houston elevator accident lawyers note that an elevator accident might have more than one cause. A number of different parties might be partly responsible for causing your Houston elevator accident. A larger number of liable parties increases your chances of making a successful recovery of financial compensation for your accident losses and expenses.

What is liability?
Liability for your elevator accident, or the legal obligation to pay you for your consequences from that accident, results from fault in the accident. Another person’s fault in the Houston elevator accident might result from their negligence or even from deliberate acts like assault or fraud. Negligence occurs where the person failed to act with the care that a reasonable person would have taken under the circumstances to prevent an accident or harm.

In product defect cases, fault is a matter of “strict liability.” That means that it’s enough that your injury occurred and that it’s traceable to the elevator. In essence, your injury from the elevator is enough to demonstrate a lack of due care in the design, manufacture, or installation of the defective elevator product.

Who are some possible liable parties to an elevator accident?
Some of the parties potentially liable for your Houston elevator accident include:

  • The property owner. A property owner is responsible for what occurs on his property. The owner is responsible for the safety of other people invited or permitted to enter the premises.
  • The property manager. Where an owner has hired a property manager to oversee the property and its safety, the property manager might be liable to you for your injury. The property manager might have failed to obtain proper inspections, repairs and/or maintenance of the elevator.
  • The elevator manufacturer. The elevator might contain a design or manufacturing defect that led to your Houston elevator accident and injury. The manufacturer might be held liable through a product defect lawsuit.
  • The elevator maintenance or repair company. If an elevator is improperly serviced, or an elevator repairman makes errors or fails to take proper safety precautions and you were injured, you might have a valid claim for financial compensation against the maintenance or repair company.
  • The elevator inspector. If inspectors failed to perform an adequate inspection, or failed to note safety violations or dangers, inspectors could also be liable for your injury.

How the Houston elevator accident lawyers at Denena & Points could help you:
Our experienced accident injury attorneys could conduct a detailed investigation of the accident to identify all the parties at fault for your accident. We could help you locate expert technical witnesses you would need to prove a complex elevator accident case. And we could help you understand the types of financial compensation to which you’re entitled because of your accident and the steps you need to take to obtain it.

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