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Posted on May 26, 2013

About 9 p.m. Wednesday night, a vehicle struck a motorcycle from behind on I-35 near the Martin Luther King exit. The impact ejected the biker from his motorcycle. Another vehicle swerved into another lane to avoid that wreck, but in the process hit another motorcycle, also ejecting the rider. One of the vehicles fled the scene of the four-vehicle crash. News accounts did not specify which driver fled in a hit and run crime. Both motorcyclists received transport to the hospital with injuries said to be non-life threatening. (Source: James Warde, kwtx.com, 5/22/13)

The thoughts and prayers of our Alvin, TX motorcycle injury attorneys are with the two injured bikers at this time.

Information Sought on Wednesday Night’s Hit and Run Crash on I-35 in Waco: Contact the Alvin, TX Motorcycle Injury Attorneys at Denena Points, PC with Information

The goal of our Alvin, TX motorcycle injury attorneys is justice for accident victims and their families. Contact us if you have information that would help identify and locate the hit and run driver and obtain justice for the victims of Wednesday night’s hit and run crash in Waco. You can reach us anytime by filling out our online contact form or calling us direct at 281-369-4363.

Motorcyclists more Vulnerable to Injury in a Crash

A motorcycle offers the rider a greater sense of freedom on the open road, but it offers little protection in the event of the crash. Our Alvin, TX motorcycle injury attorneys emphasize that the bike does not enclose the rider. And the rider generally doesn’t have the benefit of well-anchored seatbelts or airbags. In any significant crash, the rider is almost certain to be ejected from the bike. And if the biker has no helmet on at the time, severe head injuries are a likely result. Read about a recent motorcycle collision with a dump truck that left the unfortunate motorcyclist with serious head trauma injuries.

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