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Posted on Jun 05, 2013

Continued from Part 1. Laws exist to help victims of accidents at poorly maintained properties obtain the financial compensation they need to be able to pay their medical bills, meet other expenses, and make up for lost wages after they have been needlessly injured. Our balcony collapse injury attorneys note that victims need to be able to prove the elements of their premises liability claims.

Basically, the victims would need to prove that there was an unsafe condition at the property; the property owner or manager knew of it and that there was a risk of harm to people on the property and that these people would not discover or protect themselves against the unsafe condition; the property owner or manager failed to correct the unsafe condition; and the victims’ injuries were caused by the unsafe condition.

At least one of the news stories (News 12 newsday.com) on the Long Beach balcony collapsementioned that the property owner, Mullas Haziz, said that only 3 people should have been on the balcony. Did he tell the tenants that? Was a load of 5 or 6 people really unreasonable for a concrete balcony of that size? If the property was poorly maintained, might the balcony have fallen off the building even with only 3 family members on it? And the property owners reportedly also released a statement admitting that they might not have maintained the property properly.

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