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Posted on Jul 11, 2013

A gathering of family and friends for the Fourth of July fireworks in Sharon, Vermont on Thursday night went horribly awry when the deck separated from the house and dropped around 15 people more than 12 feet to the ground. A builder, visiting for the gathering, mentioned that he thought that the two main support beams under the deck had given way. But our deck collapse injury lawyers emphasize that officials indicated that it was to early to speculate on the precise cause of the Sharon,Vermont deck collapse.

The deck that separated from the rear of the home on River Road was large, about 20 x 40 feet. The deck had overlooked the White River. 12 people were reportedly treated for their injuries from the Sharon, Vermont deck collapse and at least 5 received transport to the hospital for injuries that included fractures to the ankle, knee, and leg. Two victims were carefully extracted from the rubble before being transported. (Sources: Times-Argus Journal Gazette; and Beaumont Enterprise, 7/5/13)

The deck collapse injury lawyers at Denena Points, PC wish all of the victims of the Sharon, Vermont deck collapse safe and rapid recoveries from their injuries.

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