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Posted on Apr 15, 2014

The Tyler Morning Telegraph reports that the 3-vehicle accident involving two Whitehouse ISD buses and another vehicle was caused by a wrong-way driver with two previous DWI convictions. Police are treating the crash as a criminal investigation. They tested the driver of the wrong way vehicle for intoxication. The collision occurred on Highway 59 in Wharton, Texas.

Three people, a teacher and two Whitehouse High School students, remain hospitalized from the wreck. One student was in critical condition. (KYTX CBS 19 News) Other injured students and faculty members have already been released from the hospital. Our Texas Highway 59 accident attorneys wish the injured victims of the Wharton crash rapid and complete recoveries from their injuries.

60% of Wrong Way Driving Crashes are Caused by Drunken Drivers

The Wharton crash serves as a prime example of what happens when drunks get behind the wheel. They frequently end up driving the wrong way on our Texas highways. And when they collide with innocent victims, it’s usually at high speed, resulting in needless severe or fatal injuries.

Research has demonstrated that wrong way crashes tend to be between 12 times and 27 times more likely to result in death than other types of crashes. This is because of the high speeds at which the head-on crashes occur and also because the majority of wrong way collisions occur at night, giving the victims little advance visual warning to help them evade the drunken drivers. You can read an in-depth study on the deadly problem of wrong way driving in a federal report: U.S. NTSB Highway Special Investigation Report, Wrong-Way Driving, December 11, 2012.

Find out the Essential Steps You need to Take after a Drunken Driver has Seriously Injured You or Your Loved Ones

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