How does uninsured motorist coverage help if I'm in an Alvin, TX wreck? | DENENA | POINTS

Texas law requires that all drivers carry a minimum amount of vehicle insurance in case they are in a wreck and cause a serious accident injury. But a large percentage of drivers ignore the law and don’t carry insurance. These drivers also seem to frequently ignore other driving laws, such as speed limits, and tend to cause more than their share of Alvin, Texas wrecks.

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Even when a driver carries the required minimum amount of insurance, that amount won’t necessarily cover the high costs and expenses from your Alvin, Texas wreck. The Alvin, Texas injury attorneys at Denena Points, PC note that the costs of an accident could include medical expenses, hospital stays, costs of ongoing medical care that is needed, lost wages, and vehicle repair or replacement, among other things. And if the driver who caused your wreck doesn’t have insurance, or has only the minimum amount, you could be left to pay the costs of the wreck out of your own pocket.

 If you have paid for uninsured motorist or underinsured motorist (UM or UIM) coverage on your own insurance policy, then your insurance company will help cover the difference between the actual costs of your Alvin, Texas wreck and what you were able to obtain from the uninsured or underinsured driver that caused your accident. Our Alvin, Texas injury attorneys point out that the few extra dollars you spend to get UM or UIM coverage could help you save many thousands of dollars out of your own pocket in case you suffer an Alvin, Texas wreck caused by an uninsured or underinsured motorist.

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