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Posted on Jan 31, 2014

Debate has been ongoing for more than 40 years regarding standards for public bus transportation safety and inspections. It isn’t just inspection of the bus’s mechanical parts that are at issue, but also safety rules that would regulate how many consecutive hours a bus driver can be on the road, and the length of required rest periods between long hauls. Fatigue and drowsiness behind the wheel can be a real problem for bus drivers that drive long trips, sometimes one after the other without adequate rest breaks. Our Houston bus accident injury lawyers point out that several crashes have been attributed to driver fatigue.

Where Greyhound intercity buses and their drivers may be subject to inspections and compliance with federal safety rules, your buses, curbside bus services, charter buses, and other private bus services after go under the radar on safety, often with disastrous consequences.

Last summer, you may have read about the tragic crash of an Indianapolis church bus that led to the deaths of a youth pastor, his pregnant wife, and a church member as the bus was returning from a Michigan summer camp. Not too long ago, we posted an update indicating that the bus safety debate continues, but federal authorities are still reluctant to mandate sweeping safety reforms for the bus transportation industry.

So Indiana lawmakers have stepped into the gap to take action at the state level. The Indiana Senate voted on Tuesday 33 to 14 to pass a bill that would require Indiana State Police to create a private bus inspection program. The inspections wouldn’t have to be conducted by the State Police, but could be conducted by another agency. (Associated Press by way of the Houston Chronicle, 1/28/14)

Our Houston bus accident injury lawyers at Denena and Point applaud the action of the Indiana lawmakers, as we continue to wait for action on the federal level. Click the link to read more about thebus safety debate.

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